What we're about

This group is the self-sorting, wellness, mindset and arts & lifestyle corner of the “Jordan Peterson” community. We focus on disciplines. Inspired by the good doctor and other titans who stand for telling the truth, mental toughness, personal accountability and of course, integrating the shadow / embracing the monster within (so you never have to use it), our overarching goal is to lead better.

Whether it simply be taking full ownership of your life or running a family, business, project, personal endeavour or big department -it doesn't matter if you are a beginner or advanced in your responsibilities, you thrive on solid values, difficult challenges and are somewhere on the path to being next level sorted.

If you are more just interested in your life as an artist and are looking for other artists where you can escape the grind of the overly sensitive, unaccountable and obnoxiously politically correct scene, then our new arts collective (coming soon) may be the place to hang your hat - so keep watch.

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We also have a sister-group who has a book-club, political discussion and decentralised social component specifically for Jordan Peterson fans: please click and join Jordan Peterson Enthusiasts Group HERE. (https://www.meetup.com/Jordan-Peterson-fans-who-sort-it-out-Melbourne/)

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Upcoming events (5+)

Monthly Drinking Drinks and Thinking Thinks

The Mitre Tavern

Informal drinks. Come along and spark a friendly debate or reel out a good yarn. We have had many wind-swept and interesting chats with the folks who rock up to this event, expect nothing less. We combine this meetup with the other Peterson meetup. Look for the lobster. General drinks at the Mitre Tavern. 3pm-5pm+. First Sunday of each month. Regulars and irregulars welcome. Bar snacks available.

Jordan Peterson is in town, let's meet

The Mitre Tavern

Peterson is in town for his tour of Australia. I hope you all have your tickets.

Pre-Peterson dinner

Needs a location

Let's grab a bite to eat before Peterson's talk.

Jordan Peterson in Melbourne Again

Plenary 2

Guys, Peterson is back in Melbourne. This is a second show, recently announced here: https://jordanbpeterson.com/events/. We'll meet before the show.

Past events (28)

Monthly Drinking Drinks and Thinking Thinks

The Mitre Tavern

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