Beauty Vitality and Fear of Ageing


Would you like to clear your fears around aging?

Would you like to know what it feels like to be beautiful?

Would you like to live your daily life without feeling ugly?

Would you like to have a long and healthy life full of vitality, health, and passion until the day you die?

Would you like to create a bright future without illness or abuse?

Aging is a deep unconscious fear for many people. Thought patterns about aging can actually speed up the aging process and make us ill.

Most of us are dealing with the belief that we become less attractive as we age, that we are less lovable, that we will be left behind when loved ones die, that we will be forced to retire, that we will be a burden to our family and children, that we will become ill and maybe end up in an old persons home. Many people are so unconsciously stressed by the thought of aging that they simply ignore the fear until it manifests as dis-ease.

Premature aging can also be related to ancestors who experienced a great deal of trauma as a result of abuse around aging.

Tonight we are going to clear our beliefs about aging, beauty, and health.