What we're about

When I am filled up and overflowing with Love,
From Heaven & Earth, from my own heart…
Then I am free to truly Love.

Until then, I’m hungry, needy, vulnerable…
I mean to Love, but I also Have to get my needs met.
This controls me. It throws me toward wanting to Control them.

I want to be truly free to Love. And free them with Love.
But, I can only truly Love them, when I don’t NEED their Love.
I am so grateful that I found a way to fill up my own Love cistern!

I’m looking forward to sharing what I have found, with you
and being blessed by what you have learned.

My vision for this Meetup is to inspire us to experience our Connections more Deeply
- within ourselves, and in our world.
Thus the name: Deeply Soul Connected: Inspired to BE Love, REALize Intimacy

Meanwhile, this covers a lot of ground, including the
resources, wisdom, healing and transformation of our:
Body/Physical, Mind/Mental and Soul/Inner experience of Spirit in this Life;
and how this all intersects with our lived experience.

I hope to unpack things like:

- How do we get what we need and share what we have to give, in balanced ways?

- How can we experience in our Soul, and live in our daily lives, our Connection with ALL our relations? The folks we like, the ones we don't. The interactions we want more of! less of!

- Getting down and dirty into what works and does not work for us
in our experience of Relationships of all kinds,
as well as particulars, such as:

* Communication, Boundaries, Intimacy, Passion, Sex...
* Facing and shifting the limits and lies that keep us small in relationship,
or keep us from reaching for more deliciousness in our relationships.
* Overcoming what effects our availability for connection - with ourselves and others -
such as: loneliness, loss, betrayal, trauma, abuse, victim experiences...

My experience is, as we delve more deeply into Love & Intimacy
we find the delicious & nutritious
as well as the gnarly & painful
(the anti-love, anti-intimacy - our stuff, that keeps us from the good stuff ; )

Can we let it All be ok, a part of our journey?
Embrace ourselves and our messy heart, our messy lives, our messy friends and relations?
Life's a Dance, we heal as we grow.

Make this vision a reality?

When you join this group, you will have the opportunity to engage in
- in-person and on-line connection
- workshops, meditations, hang-outs, doing fun things with each other
... and whatever else we want to create

In this group, we will intended together to protect your privacy and safety
- no need to share more than your first name
- all of our interactions are confidential

Please contact me privately:
- If you feel uncomfortable publicly joining this group, I will keep you in the loop.
- If you have specific challenges you would like to address in this group, or certain days/times that work better for your schedule.

In Life, Wendy

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