What we're about

Welcome to Soul Connection & Spiritual Growth with Linda. :)

This is an intimate, group-coaching and relationship-education setting led by yours truly, Linda Sulvita.

Who I Am and What I Do:

I am a Love and Liberation Coach, helping people transform pain into love.

On the surface, I help people experience more love and freedom in their relationships. But what I really do is help people release emotional baggage, get clear on who they are and what they want, and create authentic soul connections.

I have a deep passion to cultivate safe space for learning and transformation in order to help people liberate themselves from old wounds, empower their relationships and heal their hearts.

As a highly-sensitive person, intuitive, empath, introvert and former school teacher of 9 years, I am experienced with facilitating and holding space for different needs and emotions coming together to learn and engage, silently or out loud, in a space of calm.

The Beliefs That Support My Work Are:

1. The Law of Attraction (you get what you are a vibrational match to)
2. The Law of Conservation of Mass Energy (energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed)
3. God is Unconditional Love

Who this Group is For:

This group is for people who desire coaching support, education, and development of emotional intelligence skills required to experience deep love, freedom and authentic soul connection - including relationship with self, others and the Divine (God, Source, Universe).

This group is LGBTQS friendly.

Together, we will hold the intention for safe, sacred space and authentic connection.

Group Agreements:

By joining this group, you are committing to the following agreements to co-create safe space online and in person...

1. Listen and respond with compassion and respect.
2. Focus on the good in one another.
3. Ask permission before giving support in any form (e.g. a hug)
4. Honor each other’s free-will to be open and vulnerable or closed and private.
5. Respect and honor confidentiality. What is shared here stays here.

What To Expect:

This safe space will allow you to explore feelings and patterns that block you from the connection you crave while receiving coaching support and relationship education that is both practical and spiritual.

Some meetups will be facilitated in workshop-presentation style while others will be facilitated in small-group engagements and experiences. Both free and paid meetups will be available along with opportunities to enroll in 1:1 coaching with Linda if you feel the need or desire.

We will explore various topics and experiences that can help you transform from a state of grief to liberation, pain to love, confused to clarity, and everything in between.

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