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This group is for those who know that the Soul is Eternal and in a state of constant evolution. In addition to this basic recognition, this group is for those who have spiritually awakened and want to develop a deeper understanding of: who they are as Souls, the design of the Soul and Creation, Ascension of the Soul, and the overall process and timing of the Ascension that we are moving through.

Through the exploration of the Esoteric Wisdom Teachings, we strive to gain a deeper understanding into the whole process of Ascension, to participate actively in it, and to be a conduit of Ascension for all. In addition, we actively strive to stay tuned to where humanity and the planet are at within the Ascension Process that has been unfolding and how we can consciously participate in this unprecedented event as part of the planetary Tribe of Light!!!

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Namaste All!

First of all, WELCOME to all new members...we are excited that you are here!!!

Secondly, please know that this is NOT a notification of a scheduled upcoming meeting, but is intended to be an update on the status of S.E.A. & Beyond. Currently, the primary activity of this group is through the Facebook Group of "S.E.A. & Beyond of Nashville" which can be found by doing a search for: "S.E.A. & Beyond (Soul Evolution, Ascension, & Beyond)". It is a closed group, but if you request to be allowed to join I will certainly open the group to you. In this group, I attempt to keep folks aware of what is going on regarding the Ascension process...the good energies and those that can negate the energies. This format is the only platform that I have time to support during this very busy time on the planet and happily invite you to join us there.

In the meantime, I am considering trying to schedule a connecting meeting (perhaps over dinner somewhere) prior to the Eclipse for any that might be interested...I'm just trying to work it out in my schedule. So, stay tuned and perhaps we can make this happen...and, let me know if it is something that you would be able to join us at:)

In Infinite Love, Light, Wisdom, & Peace...


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Hampton Inn & Suites - Green Hills

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