Soul Friends - February


Guest speaker to be announced:

We will start with a guided meditation and end by harnessing our collective energy to help raise your own personal vibration and that of others.

There will be free healing, free refreshments and a resident medium/clairvoyant will be present for readings, at their own charge.

There will also be plenty of time to talk about all things that interest us, and learn and share our experiences with another in a fully supportive environment.

Each month with bring a new & amazing guest speaker that will offer their insights and experience about life within and beyond life, health & healing, personal development or enlightenment to help spark our imagination and light our soul.

Mid-month will see other events, such as movie screenings, workshops, trips to special places or other social gatherings. The mid-month events will Not be advertised on Meet-Up.

If this sounds like you and you want to connect with your Tribe - come along by yourself or with a friend. We would love to meet other Soul Friends.

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