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Scientific Way to Explain How Life Can Be Joyful in One Simple Formula! We get together twice a month. The Second and Last Tuesday of the month. Connection and order is the simplest way to experience happiness in life. Let me explain to you what S+E+M=1 means and how simple it is to change your life challenges. It does not matter if your challenge is physical, emotional, mental, relationships or finances or all of them. What do we do? We always start and finish on time. We will start by singing the sacred soul song of Love, Peace and Harmony for the first 20-30 minutes to open our hearts and soul to ground us. Depending on the level of your knowledge, I may start teaching with the basic knowledge for the new comers for a few minutes and then we do practice. Theory is Yin and Practice is Yang. We need to combine them in order to get the most benefit. Finally, at the end, I'll send you a blessing for 10 to 15 minutes and then we will share our experiences. I am deeply committed of serving you. I care about your wellness. I'll follow up with you later. Encourage your family members and friends to participate. All are welcome. I also have a Love Peace Harmony singing group every Friday from[masked] pm Join me to sing the Divine Soul Song of Love Peace Harmony to create “Love Peace Harmony Universal Family” by conference. Call in[masked] Access Code[masked]# OR the Soul Power Group. Love and light, Minoo Please RSVP Like my face book page: Private session: (

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I started this Meetup to communicate with people who have open heart and soul to receive Soul Healing and Transformation in all aspect of their lives. The Power of Soul was introduced by Dr. and Master Sha and the practices and techniques are simple. These techniques empower people to heal themselves, to heal others, to help Mother Earth and to advance on their soul or spiritual journey.
I picked up a book entitled “Divine Soul Mind Body Healing and Transformation” in one of the Columbus libraries on February 2010. At that time I was recovering from ankle surgery with lots of nerve discomfort and pain. In addition, I was taking six different medications every day for cholesterol, thyroid, leaky bladder, bone density, and arthritis. My immune system was down. I had frequent cold or flu, ear infection and was taking antibiotics and missing work a lot.
I began to apply the practices described in the book and got immediate positive results. The subsequent books in the Soul Series contain more in-depth practices behind the wisdoms. My challenges then began to resolve and disappear. I told myself “something is working” as Master Sha says in all his books; “If you want to know the pear is sweet, taste it.” I had a good experience with these practices and techniques. It worked! I recovered from my illnesses and I have not taken any pills. I have had only preventive health insurance with an annual checkup in the past four years.
I followed Dr. and Master Sha’s teachings by webcasts and teleclasses. Most importantly, I was doing the meditations that he offered in his books diligently in the morning, noon and night on a daily bases.
In this Meetup, I’ll share with you how to connect with the souls of your organs, systems etc; how to improve and to communicate with the soul of your spouse, children, and colleagues and finally how to transform your business and finances.
Join me and expand your spiritual dimension. Experience the power of soul over matter which is beyond mind and comprehension!
As a Certified Soul Healing Teacher & Healer I offer Soul Healing Blessings to help people heal the soul of any life issue. Through Soul Wisdom classes, I empower people to open their spiritual channels and develop their soul's abilities for healing, harmonizing relationships, creating abundance, and serving humanity. I offer these services by Skype, phone or at live events.

I am utilizing Skype to lead the class to accommodate people who live out of Columbus, OH. Please download free Skype, create an account with a unique name and email me with your Skype name. I add your Skype name in my Group Contact List. And be ready by your computer at 7 PM to connect with me on the second and last Tuesday of each month from 7-9 PM. For more information check: www. (

For those of you who cannot connect by computer, you have opportunity to connect with me via teleconference 1-605-562-0020. Meeting ID is 804-868-316#. The backup phone # is 1-559-546-1400.

To reduce natural disasters and violence on Mother Earth join me with open heart by singing the Divine Soul Song of Love Peace and Harmony over the phone every Friday, 7-7:30 pm 1-605 562-0020. Meeting ID: 804-868-316 #. The backup phone # is 1-559-546-1400

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