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Starting February 17th at The Madison Lounge, off of Madison street in the Whitaker Eugene Area. The address should be visible on the scheduled event.

Soul Seed Sunday!


Art-Flow (4:30pm-6:30pm)

Music & Heart-Luck (6:30pm-)

Soul Seed Sunday is a FREE community event EVERY Sunday, dedicated to getting people in tune with their true selves as a collective.
To create energetic movement in your spiritual and physical body, we combined multiple artistic elements and focused them into one activity.
There will be an opportunity for art, music, meditation, and food, while connecting to your community.
Let this be a safespace where you can come, and BE! Create simply because you were made to be a creator.

By using meditation and visualization we will activate our intuition, learning to create with trust rather than being attached to an outcome. This technique is meant to create better life out side of this environment as well.

After the Art-Flow session is over, we will move into a collective jam session pot luck!
You may choose to only come to the art portion, or to both portions🙂

If you join us for the Music & Heart-Luck, I ask all who can to bring one inclusive food item (vegan)
and any instrument you like.
Know that in this environment we encourage consensual sharing.

If you do not feel you have a "pleasant" voice or you know no instruments, do not be concerned. We will all be present to simply express our selves energetically, and feel more connected as a whole.

This events intention is to heal by connecting us with our collective source energy. I ask that you respect the environment, and arrive mostly sober with the intention of healthy positive behavior.

No discrimination, invasiveness, or bullying in any form will be tolerated on any basis. :)💛

Bring all your positive vibes with you!!!

For any qestions, feel free to DM or contact me by phone as shown bellow.

I hope to experience you there.
Peace, Heart, Rocky

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Soul Seed Sunday

The Madison Lounge

💛 The first ever Soul Seed Sunday, A FREE community event EVERY Sunday dedicated to getting people in tune with their true selves as a collective. There will be an meditation, intuitive art session, and vegan pot luck! Come to one or both! ->> Art-Flow (4:30-6:30p) Music and Heart- Luck (6:30p-) Feel Free to bring; A inclusive food item (Vegan) A musical Instrument Extra art supplies Your true self 💛 Get ready to feel like your soul just got a big hug ✨

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