What we're about

This group is for high-performing, highly motivated business owners ready to break the glass ceiling! It's for those of you who are really killing the game, are savvy and ready to turn your passion into an empire!

Why should you join?

♥️Brand new groups serve for you to really be highlighted and not be ignored. However, keep in mind that I am going to be recruiting mods soon because I want to make sure we don't miss out on any value you are bringing to the table.

💡 Peer support for your business and your business needs: Brand development, marketing, sales funnels, copywriting, social media. We got your back!

👀 No-nonsense, no spam, no haters.

😮Weekly themed threads for engagement. Promote your business in these specific threads and you may just find your next dreamy client.

✅Weekly follow trains, #askmeanything threads, and lives to help you with your business and inspire you to execute the things that really will bring in the bread and butter.

Who am I?

My name is Emely Roman. I am the CEO of the Digital Owls. We help high-performing entrepreneurs break the glass ceiling, crush their brand messaging, and focus on their passion instead of doing. all. the. things.

I am a copy-writer for some of the highest performing coaches out here. You may be following some of those right now 😉.

Things to know about Soul & Success

Hi everyone, I am so excited for this group and all that we can accomplish together. In order to get started on the right foot I want to go over a couple of things before you go forth and take all the valuable goodies scattered around this group.

#1 - About me: My name is Emely Roman and I am the CEO of a 1.8 year old digital marketing firm. I was raised in South Philly and have always been passionate about creating freedom and happiness for myself, and of course entrepreneurship. I am here to help create a productive, safe and comfortable environment for entrepreneurs or business owners looking to get to the next level of their business with the proper tools and help.

#2 - So what is this group all about? This group is going to be a collective of like-minded professionals looking to benefit from free and paid tools that can help their businesses get to the next level. We will have tons of resources in this group but they will NOT be housed in this Meet-up page. You will have access to these resources by joining the FB community under the same name: Soul & Success, you can click this link to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/soulandsuccess/

#3 Where will we have our Meet-Ups? I am still working on this. I am hoping we can do places like WeWork or cafes. If you have a suggestion feel free to send me a message. I want to see if we could establish partnerships with said locations so that they can sponsor at least a cup of coffee for us. If not we will request for you to pitch in on a monthly basis. I don’t suspect it to be more than $1-3 per person.

#4 When will we have our Meet-Ups? I am still working on this as well. I am hoping to meet at least once a month. I want to also allow for 5 minute pitches of your business to our members to help develop your elevator pitch as well as expose your business to other potential clients. So we will be meeting for at least 1 hour.

#5 What I need from you: I need volunteers for the leadership team. Aside from the monthly meet-ups you need to be willing to meet an additional day a month with us to organize the meetings as well as moderate and market the group.

#6 What will NOT be tolerated:

Political Discussions

Religious Discussions

Self-Promotions NOT on the reserved threads or days for promotions. Please refer to House Rules to check the schedule for these threads, it can also be found on the group description on the FB group. You will NOT have one more chance to rectify your promotional endeavors. You will simply get kicked out immediately.

Sexual or ANY type of Harassment in ANY capacity.

Please send a message to me or the leadership team if you experience this and we will deal with it immediately. We will absolutely NOT have any tolerance for this type of behavior.

Please welcome everyone warmly and help each other as much as possible. We are here to create value and a community where we can all learn from each other and grow together.

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