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Are you ready to Awaken Your Authentic Self? Women all over the world are waking up to a new renaissance of the heart, soul and body, reclaiming her inner voice and taking steps towards freedom.

For the last five years I have been repairing my relationship with my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. I overcame breast cancer and had to take a really hard look at all the emotional toxins and mindset I was carrying around from my relationship with my parents and then men, I was acting out subconsciously, seeking love from a pain point. My wounds were speaking louder than my heart, they began to show me how unhappy I was. Fast forward five years to today. Today I travel and teach throughout North America sharing with women Soul Therapy Seminars and a Journey to Self Love, a two day emotionally empowering discovery of learning how to love yourself, honestly, courageously and with joy. I know you have been yearning to share with a group of women who have your back, seeking support from others who can understand your own journey, acknowledging your pain while uplifting you to greater new heights of self awareness. You've been ready for a long time now, searching and seeking your own journey to self love. I've been there, let me help guide you along the way so that you can get there with the support that you need to accelerate your life to one of freedom and inner peace. I am grateful to be able to share with you all that I have learned on my own journey to self love!

Join me in this powerful group of women as we explore self love, while learning how to connect deeply to your authentic self, the part of you that is desiring to live a powerfully expressed life. There is that small voice that wants to be heard, understood, acknowledged and loved, that part is your authentic self: your soul.


Carolyn Goldfarb, Licensed Soul Therapist, Spiritual Healer & Guide


*** I had the pleasure of taking Carolyn's "A Journey To Self Love" group class and it was amazing! She really gets to the heart of what is blocking you, which makes you see the light on where you have been struggling. Carolyn then provided me with suggestions that I could apply in a practical manner to shift out of my discomfort and struggle. She is very thorough and there is also group interaction and sharing which I really liked. She is an inspiration to all and her guidance has helped us see things in different and better way. I am going to sign up for one of her individual sessions as well. I highly recommend it! - Diane O. New York, NY I recently attended Carolyn's Journey to Self-Love workshop in New York City and had a very transcendent experience. She helped me to look inward at obstacles that have kept me from fully loving and forgiving myself. Carolyn has the innate ability to help people become more aware of their inner soul and how powerful they are as a human being. She also guides the group on how they can connect to their spirit guides which showed me how I am always supported and loved. She creates a space that allows you to feel empowered. - Tania E. Bloomfield NJ

*** I sought Carolyn's expertise to help me get past a "block" in my career. Although anxious about the experience, she took a great deal of time to help me understand exactly what was going to happen, how it works and everything in between. She also shared her own PLR experiences so that I felt more comfortable with the process.

Although it's hard to put into words, the experience was transformative and within less than 24 hours, I have a more open heart, mind and a new internal strength. Carolyn truly is a beautiful soul and is passionate about helping others to grow and be happy during this lifetime. If you are looking to understand yourself at a soul level to enjoy a better life, Carolyn can definitely help you get there. I know she hasn't seen the last of me. - Alexandra B., NYC

*** If you never met Carolyn, you should!!! Carolyn has an amazing approach to her work as a Soul Therapist and Past Life Regressionist.

Her approach allows you to discover information about yourself that has ultimately been a barrier to your self-growth. Carolyn allows you to identify these barriers in a very short amount of time that enables you to make changes that will facilitate action, personal satisfaction, inner peace and happiness that we are all seeking.

Carolyn cares deeply for others and has a gift for engaging you in conversation and connecting you with in a different level that allows you to make the change that you have always wanted to, but could not before. As good as it gets!!! :) - Danielle S.. Chicago

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Soul Therapy Workshop -Online

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Join Licensed Soul Therapist Carolyn Goldfarb for a three hour gathering ONLine Via ZOOM of women exploring how to connect to your true authentic expression. The benefits are astounding! Sharing your core truth and living your purpose is deeply pleasurable and incredibly satisfying. Most women are blocked from accessing her core power, her true awareness of self. Soul Therapy is an evolutionary embodiment of exploring your humanness from the SOUL level. During our time together you will be asked five questions that will lead you into greater awareness of who you are, why you get stuck, what your soul wants to communicate to you, how to manifest your dreams and how to love yourself. If you have ever wanted to tap into your unlimited potentiality and be happy in the flow of life with less stress, now is the time to do so. Your soul is the guardian and gatekeeper to your true self. Your authentic voice is the one main requirement that resides within you and provides ample opportunities for you to listen, grow and expand. Most people don’t know how to listen or understand how to embrace your soul’s wisdom and knowledge. Soul Therapy Seminars are designed to show you how to remove the barriers that stop you from experiencing and loving a fully expressed, evolutionary life! When you RSVP, you will receive the zoom link. If you need to rearch out please do with any questions you may have at [masked]. Carolyn Goldfarb will support and guide you along the way. http://www.soultherapyschool.com/carolyn

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Soul Therapy Workshop -Online

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