What we're about

Calling everyone looking to create real connection and find a sense of home in themselves and with others, finding their soul tribe!! Calling everyone open to honoring the beauty and love already all around us!! Calling everyone who wants to be awake in their life, living authentically and creating honestly in their lives!!

Maybe you know you should be doing something other than what you're doing.
Maybe you take time regularly to connect within to love and life.
Or maybe you don't, but you are open to explore the world within you.

Maybe you feel anxiety and self-doubt when you think about the future or you have other challenges that come to mind. Maybe you're stuck in resentment, anger, anxiety or depression. Maybe you've lost the ability to truly PLAY in your life!

Whatever you're doing, if you want to create your most powerful, authentic and peaceful life, this is the place to come as we set out create events to help us create boldly in our lives and to do all the above. All is possible in connection, community and love.

We're still getting started with this a curated collection of events and explorations led by a range of enthusiastic and varied creators with so much heart, care, presence and power that time can seem to stand still. We're out to exploring new avenues and encourage others to try their hand at recreating our lives and transforming our experiences in a supportive environment!

The various events and workshops will likely include those with live music, meditations, open mics, book studies, concerts, and anything else that speaks to the processes of creating our lives and the meanings we assign within us to our past and carry into our present and future creations. We also use sound vibration, positive songs and various mindfulness and visioning exercises, as well as fun social events!

Join us here, say "hi" online, sign up for an event, and get ready to see big shifts within as you jump in on the journey!

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Aligning Insight - Anxitey and Peace Workshop

Therapeutic Solutions of Amelia

Uplifted! Open Mic Spoken Word

Hyperion Brewing Company

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