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Go out dancing with God as your partner! Featuring hip, current, old school and world dance tunes played by a pro DJ interspersed with brief 'Soul Moments' designed to take you as high as you want to go. Your outer movement becomes a conduit to Spiritual inner awareness so that your dance becomes a prayer, a spiritual exercise and just outrageously free and joyful.

"Without a doubt this is the best free form dance event in LA!" (Matthew, Entrepreneur)

"Better than chocolate, sex, or runner's high, Soul Dance is a time when my Spirit soars and I remember that my body is my living temple of delight.....bliss!" - (LP, Life Coach)

"Soul Dance is this little magic key that lets me unlock my true, wild, beautiful and uninhibited self...I can start a class with a plate full of worries and by 9pm the joy and lightness I feel is amazing! Spirit's definitely working with me to let go of 'stuff' in these classes...But more than anything...I have so much fun!" - ZG

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