Connecting to Fae/Planning a Fairy Garden

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Price: $2.00 /per person
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Have you ever noticed a strong floral scent wafting around you and you are not yet near the flowers? Or perhaps, the colors of flowers or the green in plants seem more vibrant, attracting your attention. These are meant for you.

(Anita is a Certified Fairyologist and Realm Reader.)

The Elementals are in our water and in the air. They help us in many ways in Nature and within our lives.

We will begin by discussing Fairies, Gnomes and other Elementals. Who and what they are. Two-thirds of the world acknowledges these beautiful Beings, except here in the United States. What is their purpose?

Then, we will share our experiences on planting a garden for Fairies. I will be adding more lilac bushes to our circle of lilacs to provide a dancing circle for the Fae. What plants attract fairies? What do they not like? There will also be a hand-out with flowers, trees and shrubs and their metaphysical gifts that they offer us in our lives.

A meditation to meet Elementals or Fae will conclude the meetup. For the best results, be sure to avoid processed foods, alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, sugar, meat and unnecessary medications.

The cost of hand-outs will be the only cost incurred for members. $2.00