Soulful Breathwork with Colby Smith

Soulful Breathwork, Yoga, Meditation & More
Soulful Breathwork, Yoga, Meditation & More
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Shankara Studio

84 North Main Street · Lambertville, NJ

How to find us

use the door on the side of the house down the driveway


This simple yet transformative practice delivers immediate and profound relief from the stress of daily living, while providing a sense of clarity and perspective in these often confusing times. It works efficiently, yielding immediate healing results at every level: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. A single session can change your life; repeated practice brings about gradual yet powerful changes in one’s relationship to the world and other people, in one’s overall life perspective and particularly in one’s sense of connection to the Divine. Whether you call it God, Spirit, Source or by any other name—the experience can be pure ecstasy.


Really, all you need is yourself and your breath. However, there may be a few items you may want to bring: a yoga mat (a thicker one is fine), a small pillow, a blanket, an eye mask, a crystal or anything you'd like to have near you while breathing. Again, I have all of these items in my studio, but you may prefer your own.