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Soulful Journey Retreats is an escorted travel group where the travelers are seeking experiences in ancient and natural techniques on how to alleviate stress. We travel to locations that help us practice: mindfulness, meditation, breathing techniques, yoga, Reiki, hydrotherapy, unique spa services, multi-cultural cuisines, cultural arts and more. During our travels the group attends mindfulness sessions where we learn how to better handle situations that causes stress in our lives whether at work, home or life in general. The sessions then allows us to practice what was taught by incorporating hands-on activities.

If you are looking to travel with a purpose in mind, consider joining us at the next retreat, Fall 2020 in Blue Ridgr, Georgia. We're also preparing for April 2021 Mindfulness Retreat in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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Create a Canvas
Needs a date and time

Create A Canvas

The art instructors at Create a Canvas will lead us step by step as we create our own masterpiece. You do not need to be an artist to enjoy this 2 hour session because the instructors are trained to help bring out our creative talents (Lord knows that will be a miracle for me). We will bring our own snacks and beverages for this event.
Watch for more details.

Bag to Bring- A bag large enough to hold your new masterpiece!

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The Journey Begins Within You

The Heartwood House

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