What we're about

just join here psychonauts from all over the world.
i don't intend to make this meetup bigger that much. quality first.

let me introduce myself a bit, people have some overwhelming events which are like completely change their life time tho, to me personally it was "dad's death" and "acid trip".
absolutely there are more factors like traveling 14 countries (i lived 3 countries), got second language as my another perspective, dating with miraculous girls...but nothing exceeds 2 above.

mysteriously enough, everything is just reflection of inner state. everything. we live in such a strange world literally. sometimes kinda scary about it tho, it must be the real "awe".
so, if you got interested in my experience, please share yours as well. thus we can end up creating a quality circle of spirituality step by step.
sometimes dialogue with alcohol would be fine, sometimes group intellectual conversation with light meal would be also nice, sometimes G3 summit in a cafe would be sweet as well eventually.
anyways, i have a vivid vision of this meetup so i think that's gonna start from meeting a dope person here. be the person!

pay attention to what you pay attention to! your attention IS the creator.


email: i_chase_the_devil@yahoo.co.jp
LINE ID: sloangreatwall

#meditation, spirituality, ego death, consciousness, non duality, inner poet, abundance, nature, love, creativity, intuition, flow, universe, soul, vibration, bliss, belief, fractal, tranquility

Past events (4)

ET Lounge

akabane station

year end dialogue (and Bonenkai忘年会)

around Shinjyuku station or Tokyo station

Open Discussion

丸ビル (near Tokyo station)

just a profound powwow

unit703 (第三升本ビル新宿ダイカンプラザB館703号室)