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Soulspirational Wellness / Reiki and Healing in NE Ohio
Soulspirational Wellness / Reiki and Healing in NE Ohio
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{I plan on taping the discussion portion of this Soulful Sunday for our show, "Awakening with Soulspirational (". For those not wanting to be on TV, we can avoid getting you on camera.}

Soulspirational Sunday Services are here!

If you're looking for a spiritual support group based on Love and Honor, come join us! Each week is a little different, but we begin with fellowship. We will discuss a topic (each Soulful Sunday offers a different topic). These topics are geared to provoke thought and inspiration.

We'll discuss a thought-provoking subject for spiritual and healing purposes. Then we'll join in brief prayers and affirmations to set the energy and intent of the day. Each Soulful Sunday includes a guided connecting and grounding meditation.

I've witnessed some pretty amazing experiences in this group. Some of us are early on our conscious spiritual journey, some are well into it. Regardless of where you are on your path, we honor you! We leave our egos outside the door and allow a space to be open to receive that which is in YOUR highest, greatest good.

I have met a lot of people who feel as though they no longer fit in with the religion they were raised in or have been part of. Those of us on a spiritual (not necessarily religious) path would like a forum where we can feel accepted and loved right where we are and for who we are. When we're on our spiritual path, we are considered seekers. We may be seeking our soul's purpose or the answers to our spiritual questions. My intent is that this Sunday space will offer, for all those who seek an alternative, a safe place to discuss our feelings and feel supported by the other members.

This is NOT a religious-specific gathering and ALL are welcome. There will be time for attendees to discuss spiritual topics or share their stories. When we operate from a place of love, kindness, and openness, we allow space for spiritual healing to occur.

An RSVP is required for attendance.

Given the nature of this meet up, there is no set charge. However, donations are always welcome. Donations from members allows me to continue to offer these services.

With much love to each of you,

Rev. Tish

View episode 15 here (, which shows the discussion portion of our last Soulful Sunday.