Reiki 1 Certification Class (2-Day Class)

Soulspirational Wellness / Reiki and Healing in NE Ohio
Soulspirational Wellness / Reiki and Healing in NE Ohio
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9744 Silvercreek Rd · Wadsworth, OH

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We are located between the railroad tracks and Johnson Rd. We sit about 300' off the road and there's a pond in the front yard. Please enter through the front door. Thank you!

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Looking for a Reiki class during the week? This is a 2-day class: Monday, October 1 and Tuesday, October 2. Both days class is from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm.

This is no ordinary Reiki class. Reiki is energy work. This class shows you how to protect yourself and your client. Reiki is more than just hand placements. You'll learn how connect to your client intuitively for more focused healing. Since it's energy work, you'll learn how to feel into the 7 main chakras (front and backsides) for greater insight and healing.

What is Reiki? In short, is a Japanese healing art. Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy that each and everyone of us can start using today to help ourselves and others heal. Used as a spiritual tool, Reiki can open many doors for you along your journey. Many have found their soul's purpose after learning and practicing Reiki.

I invite you to view my videos on my different Reiki classes here:

Join us for this informative and intriguing Reiki 1 Certification Class!

When things happen to us on the emotional and mental levels, they tend to manifest on the physical level. As a result, we may experience physical pain such as headaches, backaches, knee pain, etc. We may also experience a degree of depression or anxiety.

Taking a Reiki class is a great way to bring your awareness to your body's physical and emotional needs and then learn how to bring relief to those areas.

In this Reiki 1 Certification class you'll learn:

• What Reiki is

• History of Reiki

• Reiki Ethics

• One traditional Reiki symbol. Many don't teach a symbol in level 1. Start right away learning about the energy and importance in symbols.

• How to feel and work with subtle energy: Intuitive healing

• How to use Reiki for yourself, others, pets, crystals, protection, and more

• Basic knowledge of chakras

• How to feel into chakras for healing and balancing purposes

• How to protect yourself and your client when working with Reiki energy

• Basics on how to set up a Reiki professional practice

• Byosen Reikan-Ho: The method for sensing imbalances with your hands. (Byosen scanning)

• and more!

I'll teach you how to use Reiki in a practical manner for the greatest benefits. If you're looking for a way to strengthen your spiritual connection, Reiki is perfect for that too!

In this full day class you'll receive:

• Hands-on training

• Course materials

• Sacred attunement

• Instruction on how to use a traditional Reiki symbol for healing

• Certificate of completion at the end of day 2.

This extensive and very informative class is only $175.00, cash or credit. and due on day 1 of class.

Class is from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm on Monday, Oct 1st and Tuesday, Oct 2nd. (Time can vary at the end depending on how many people are in class.) The suggested minimum class time for training is 5 hours. If you're planning on taking a reiki class with someone else, find out how much class time you'll have so you know you're getting the pertinent information.

Your respectful RSVP is required and due by Friday, September 28th.

IMPORTANT: I will contact you in the days prior to class to confirm your attendance. If you do not respond, your spot will not be held and your materials not printed. Upon confirmation, I will forward you information on how to prepare for class and to get information for your certificate. Please be sure to check your messages!

If you've already taken Reiki 1 and would like to take Reiki 2, please view our upcoming schedule of events or contact me directly to schedule a day and time for a class.