Reiki Level 2 Certification Class: Emotional and Distant Healing

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Soulspirational Wellness / Reiki and Healing in NE Ohio
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We are located on Silvercreek Rd between the railroad tracks and Johnson Rd. We sit about 300' off the road and there's a pond in the front yard. Please enter through front door. Thank you!

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This class teaches you the skills of sending a full Reiki session to others, and gives you the ability to send it to past and future situations.

Learn how to consciously connect to a person who isn't physically in the classroom. While you're connected, you'll learn how to scan their energy for imbalances and disturbances, and how to resolve blockages or to ease pain.

This class is truly amazing and can really bring your Reiki skills to a whole new and unlimited level!

In this certified Reiki Level 2 class, you'll receive the training and symbols to send Reiki healing to people anywhere in the world.

This class also gives you the tools to send Reiki to past traumas. You'll also have the ability to send Reiki to future events such as job interviews, attending family functions, surgery, etc.

A by-product of Reiki 2 is that it often strengthens your "clairs": clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience. Everyone is born with these abilities, most of us just don't realize it. Once you start working at the this level, you might be amazed at what you experience. This is why the right teacher matters.

In this class:

• Receive your sacred Reiki 2 attunement

• Learn how to use the distant Reiki symbol for MANY reasons

• Learn how to use the emotional/mental symbol. Not only will you learn how to use it for yourself and your clients, you'll learn how to use it to help heal past wounds and future events.

• Besides the two above symbols, you'll learn two non-traditional symbols that are also very powerful and work wonderfully with the traditional symbols.

• Learn how to consciously connect with another person to send healing

• Reiki 2 ethics

• Reiki 2 manual

• Reiki 2 Certification!

The cost of this class is $200.00 per person. Class materials are included.

If you've taking your Reiki 1 Certification with us, you'll receive 10% off this class so your cost is only $180. Payment can be made via cash or credit the day of class. We do not accept checks.

An RSVP for this class is required as space is limited. All certified Reiki 1 practitioners are welcome even if you were taught by a different teacher. RSVP deadline is Thursday, December 20th.

IMPORTANT: I will contact you through Meetup messenger a week prior to class to confirm your attendance and to get your email address. Because you will be learning 4 symbols, I like to send them ahead of time so you can practice. This helps us stay on time in the classroom. If you do not respond to my message and provide your email, you will miss out on getting the information ahead of time. A non-response may be considered non-attendance. So please check your messages from me as class approaches.

Prerequisite: Must be a certified Reiki 1 practitioner

For more information on our Reiki classes and training, please visit our website!reiki-classes-and-training/xssib .
Watch "My Reiki 2 Certification Class" video below.