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Sound Bath Experience with Lindy Romez at Yoga Moves
A Sound Bath is a deep meditative musical experience played with ancient and tribal instruments such as, Himalayan singing bowls, Crystal bowls, gongs, tuning forks, shamanic drumming and chanting. Participants lay on the floor in savasana and let the waives of sound wash over them to experience what some proponents claim that sound bathing calms the overstimulated nervous systems and balances the subtle body. (Also known as the energetic body where our life force energy or prana exists) Sound bathing is said to work both the physical body and the subtle body to help heal depression, anxiety, chronic pain and insomnia just to name a few. • What to bring Yoga mats are available, but please feel free to bring a pillow, blanket, eye pillow and anything that makes you comfortable. • Important to know Please arrive early. Door closes promptly at 6:30pm to create a safe and relaxing meditative experience--no exceptions. To ensure a relaxing atmosphere, please turn OFF cell phones and do not let them ring or vibrate. Upstairs/No Elevator $10/class

Yoga Moves

1045 9th Avenue North · Saint Petersburg