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Experience the healing power of the sound, relax and rejuvinate your body, clear energy blocks that you may be carrying for decades, and so much more...

Sound is the invisible healer.
It works whether we fight it or allow it, know it, believe it, or not.
Sound reaches into the cells, heals without leaving a scar, dissolving blocked energy, transforming, realigning and restoring, in ways we may not have even yet considered.
Used therapeutically, sound creates the optimum environment for healing to occur; altering brainwaves, calming the nervous system, alleviating stress, circulating energy, and harmonising organs and body systems.

Sound and music is used in alternative and integrative medicine, to assist with trauma, depression, pain management, for relaxation, and an increasing number of conditions as the modality is recognised for its healing properties.

Sound healing instruments such as crystal singing bowls or Tibetan bowls, resonate cells and molecules within the body, shattering blockages, giving the body what it needs to retune itself, while missing frequencies may be 'replaced,' reminding the cells of their optimum state, and enabling them to restore their optimum function and heal

As a graduate of the College of Sound Healing I offer individual and group sound healing sessions with crystal signing bowls and Tibetan bowls.

Being a sound healer practitioner is a truly rewarding experience for me and I absolutely love what I am doing. I have a chance to observe a beautiful and profound transformation of a client and his overall well being from session to session.

I conduct group sound healing sessions as well as individual sessions.

Please visit my website for details or drop me an email.

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