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This group is for those interested in all forms sound healing. We will be doing a wide variety of events, informational seminars, and personal exploration for how sound healing can work for you.

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Bliss Filled Crystal Bowl Symphony @ the House of Golden Crystal Harmony

House of Golden Crystal Harmony


Join us for a magical experience at the House of Golden Crystal Harmony with a harmonic symphony of healing, including the Golden Light of divine love and empowering Aka Dua (ancient Toltec energy) with the beautiful conscious tones of 17 alchemy singing crystal bowls and 2 gongs. The concert will consist of one hour singing crystal bowl concert plus toning, music, brief individual sound healings and discussion. Some describe the concert as the angels singing and of course the angels will be there. The intention of this symphony will be manifesting in the New Year. The singing crystal bowls like crystals carry energy and wisdom. These alchemy bowls are a fusion of crystals, gemstones and metals, such as citrine, emerald, rose quartz, amethyst, kyanite, celestite, indium, gold, copper, platinum, palladium or iron fused with 99.99% pure quartz. For example rose quartz is known as the "stone of gentle love.” Like the stone, the rose quartz crystal bowl softly opens the heart center, relieves tension, heals etheric fields, assists in relationships and aligns the chakras while energizing our innate love core. Also the bowls play different notes, which correlate to specific energy centers or chakras and to the endocrine system. The singing crystal bowls send out a high vibration resonance. Your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies may choose to resonate at those vibrations. If so, you may experience transformation in any of your 4 bodies which can take the form of reducing stress, alleviating pain, balancing the energy centers or chakras, healing chronic illnesses, clearing trauma and abuse, removing depression, discerning purpose, and improving mental clarity. These shifts may show up immediately or in the days and weeks following the concert. Ultimately you may find a greater connection with the divine, of being in the flow, feeling the oneness and love for all. Everyone’s experience will be unique and suited to your own specific needs. It can range from a lovely relaxing sound bath to a multidimensional experience with different sensations and visions. Just be open and welcome whatever happens. Both Shala and Ron are channels of the Golden Light which carries the golden essence of divine love and healing, and the positive elements of consciousness such as peace, love, joy, creativity, and abundance. As channels for the Golden Light, Shala and Ron combines the Golden Light with the singing crystal bowls to alchemically create a new form of healing to assist with spiritual awakening. In addition, Ron and Shala anchor a balanced divine feminine and divine masculine energy. A new addition to the concerts is the Aka Dua ancient Toltec energy which Shala and Ron have recently received. As the finale of the concert, both Ron and Shala will play a bowl individually over each person, usually the citrine and amethyst bowls. Ron and Shala send unconditional love and sees everyone there as perfect, balanced and whole. This concert will take place in the lovely and serene House of Golden Crystal Harmony in the country which is filled with crystals and a powerful grid of 13 crystals surrounding a flower of life organite. Chairs will be set up for the audience. Due to limited space there may not be space to lay out yoga mats although you may bring your own mat in case space become available. Space is limited to 25 so please reserve your spot in advance. To learn more about these singing crystal bowls, Shala Ali, Ron Lastiri and sound healing, please visit the Golden Crystal Harmony Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/goldencrystalharmony/

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