What we're about

We are an open-minded, knowledge-seeking group that is founded on the desire to raise our awareness by helping others to find answers to their meaning & purpose. If you ask yourself questions like: There is something missing in my life - What could it be? Or do you sometimes think: I feel different. Why do I feel different? I don't fit in (I feel awkward). I wish to know my higher power in a personal way that I can relate to & become comfortable.

You don't have to be asking all these questions to fit in to our group. You could just be curious. Or you have questions about such topics as Sound Healing, Energy Medicine, Reflex Muscle-Testing, Crystals & their Applications, and etc. You have a desire to learn more. You're looking for meaning on many levels.

Many of these topics are labeled in a negative light by the mainstream culture that just doesn't know better. They tend to be very rigid in their beliefs. This group, The GRID Energy DFW, is made up of seekers who have broken out of this paradigm and are looking for answers. We are not bashing any culture or set of beliefs. We are looking for truth, our personal truth.

If you have asked some or all of these questions & wish to get answers, this group is for you.

Experience the Power of Vibration. The vibration of tuning forks on and around the body entrains and harmonizes the body's energetic fields This class will give you the basic knowledge of how to use the forks to align, balance and clear the charkras and energetic fields and unify fragmentations from within. Those who do not have forks but would be interested in attending are welcome,

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Sound Healing with Tuning Forks

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