Sound Immersion at Central Rappahannock Regional Library

Healing Sound Immersion
Healing Sound Immersion
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Central Rappahannock Regional Library

1201 Caroline St · Fredericksburg

How to find us

Park on Caroline Street. Go to Theatre Room entrance on left.

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Healing Sound Immersion at Central Rappahannock Regional Library
Theatre Room
7:00 - 8:30 PM Friday, June 27
FREE and open to the public

Join Mark Torgeson as he creates an experience for deepening consciousness through Intentional Sound.

Sound has been utilized by diverse cultures for shifting awareness and inciting deep states of contemplation for thousands of years, with instruments including Didgeridoo, Tibetan Bowls, Gong, Indigenous Drums, and Sacred Flutes. Newcomers to the field include Crystal Bowls and Therapeutic Tuning Forks.

Indigenous cultures have used specific instruments to achieve states of non-ordinary reality. Petroglyphs in Australia 50,000 years old depict Aborigines playing didgeridoos, entering the Dreamtime during three day ceremonies. Tibetan bowls and bells have been used in the Himalayas for 4,000 years to invoke deep states of meditation. Frame drums are found in all native cultures and played by the village shaman or medicine woman to enter underworlds or invoke healing states. Gongs are found in most eastern temples and are used to activate the contemplative state. Chanting of mantras, or sacred sounds, has been foundational in India traditions for over three thousand years as tools of manifestation and accessing heightened intuition.

More recently used is the Crystal Singing Bowl, comprised of pure quartz crystal, working on the same principles as the silicon chip in your smartphone: storing data (through a statement of intention) and amplifying it (through one’s projection outward). The crystalline nature of human molecular physiology - such as DNA, which has enormous capacity for information storage - resonates sympathetically with quartz bowls, and responds dramatically to the frequencies generated.

Tuning forks are calibrated to specific frequencies and access ancient modalities such as the Chinese Meridian system to entrain the body-mind to higher frequencies resonance.

This evening's experience includes a brief introduction to the instruments, then allowing the sounds to immerse one into their transformative sonorities. This format is designed to quieten the mind and invoke deep states of relaxation and regeneration.

What to Bring: You can sit in chairs provided or bring your own yoga mat, blanket and pillow to lay down.

Facilitator: Mark Torgeson has been a practicing Reiki Master and massage therapist for 25 years, and a musician for 40 years. He has produced over 30 albums of transformational music which have aired on all continents. He teaches workshops on Healing Sound, performs concerts of transformational music, and has cofounded Center for Planetary Awakening ( for raising consciousness in the new paradigm.

Individual Sound Therapy sessions: Mark offers Sound Therapy sessions at his office for those desiring more individualized work: more info... (

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