What we're about

The Sound Reiki Institute, founded by Catherine Varga and Heather Hannan, is committed to the education and sharing of innovative teachings.

All of the Sound Reiki Institute programs, workshops, events and seminars are intended to inspire, educate and manifest a shift in consciousness for each person.

Our programs offer something for everyone, whether you are a Reiki Master or just starting to explore alternative healing solutions.

What is Sound Reiki?

Did you know your voice can heal? We are living proof at the Sound Reiki Institute and so are many others who are training in Sound Healing. Sound has been part of healing since ancient times, it resonates to something deep within us and yet is all around us at the same time.

We believe we are created by the same Divine Light Vibration, Source, God, The Divine Oneness, something up there or within. It has a vibration and so do you. Your voice, with intent, can connect itself to a sound vibration that you intuitively know or hear with your inner voice. Once this connection is made you feel compelled to express it with your voice and when you do….wow, something moves, shifts, …it's the “whoa, what was thaaat?!” That something is your Source, your Higher Self connecting to your body, mind and spirit simultaneously… very cool… very healing. The gift is within you! Enter into the world of vibrational medicine and discover your own healing voice.

Who knows more about you than You? No one we hope. Imagine learning the unique process of aligning yourself to 100% Light energy, moving energy multi-dimensionally, at will….. just with the sound of your voice. Take your healing a quantum leap to sound, and learn about the gift within.

Learn more about the Sound Reiki Certification program http://www.SoundReiki.com

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