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Welcome to Source Awareness. Together we study the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. One of the great Darshans (Philosophies) of India, the Sutras are unique in describing both the Philosophy and the Method or means of practice of Self Realization. The Sutras point us to a way of living, where our peace and happiness is no longer reliant on sources outside ourselves. This is true freedom.

We seek the Truth of our inner nature. This is called by many names; Self, Cosmic Consciousness, Divine the Absolute, Truth or God/Goddess. The Sutras were written for the person who has already decided for themselves to set on the Mystic Path of Self Awareness. They are generic in that they can be used by those of any faith background, and are equally useful to those who follow no particular faith. Their value is ascertained not upon what one hears but rather to the Direct Experience that they point toward. It is exciting and it is available for each and everyone of us. The Sutras have been studied for 2000 years.

The Group also has a page on Facebook under Source Awareness - The Yoga Sutrras of Patanjali

We welcome Neurodiverse participants, and have seen instances where the Sutras have been taken on as a Special Interest.

Classical Yoga is a Spiritual practice, when we charge for this meetup it is for the use of the space only.

The format of this meet up is to practice, have a teaching on the Practices and then study and discuss commentaries on a Sutra.

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