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Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving™

Come discover the power of Tantra as a healing art designed to awaken you to the pleasures of life. Learn to live your life by the principles of Tantra Yoga. At each moment you can experience love and oneness with all things. Tantra is a lifestyle. You can call it a mindfulness practice or you can call it the practice of bringing the Divine into everyday experiences from the most mundane moments to the peaks of ecstasy, the path of Tantra allows you to bring body, mind and spirit into balance.

Have you ever wondered if there must be more to sexual loving? Have you experienced the kind of deep sexual connection with a partner that leads you to tears of joy and a deep sense of knowing the divine? Join this meet-up and learn that sex is an art form that every conscious person can master. Learn that when passion, love and consciousness join together they transform sex into a profound and loving meditation that increases intimacy, joy and connection.

If you ever heard the word Tantra and wondered what all the fuss was about - then this is the meet-up for you. Come be informed and guided by three extremely experienced and knowledgeable teachers/healers, trained among others at the Source School of Tantra Yoga in Santa Cruz, CA, and participate in the inquiry of how to live life to its fullest. Say "Yes, I want to live my life with passion and awareness!" Studying Tantra will fulfill this promise by giving you priceless skills - not only in your intimate relationships but woven into all aspects of your life. Let's be students together! (The word student comes from the Latin word studere which means to devote oneself.)

Although there has been a recent explosion of information on how to be more respectful and accepting of sexuality we can still struggle with the old cultural mixed messages that we carry within ourselves. In a safe and light-hearted environment we will explore these and continue to find ways to shed the old and bring in the new which is actually rooted in a deep knowing since the beginning of human consciousness.

This meet-up group is geared towards beginners, but participants of all levels are welcome, you must be older than 18 years old. It is our experience that each time, no matter how often one has heard something, a new light is shone on an aspect that one thought (s)he had mastered. If you are a therapist/healer this meet-up group will also teach you practical tools that you can pass on to the people you work with. Together we will explore the basics of Tantra and move more deeply into the skills for deepening intimacy with yourself and/or a partner through meditation techniques, understanding and mastering energy, conscious communication, modalities of touch, and so much more. Classes will be a mix of didactic and experiential. We will have exercises, discussions, time for questions and answers, and sacred rituals (pujas).

We meet once a month for a series of five. The first series of five began on January 15, 2012 and culminated on May 23, 2012 with a Puja ritual and a Q & A session with Charles Muir, the author of "Tantra: the Art of Conscious Loving" followed by the Beginner's Workshop on May25, 26 & 27, 2012 when he was joined by Leah Alchin. Each workshop can be taken individually and will also build on concepts and practices of the previous ones. The next five months' series began in the fall of 2012.

In 2013 we sponsored Sheri Winston, author of "Women's Anatomy of Arousal". The annual Source School of Tantra Yoga Beginner's Workshop will be held In June, 2018. Brynn Bishop and Wanda Santos are Elite Certified Tantra Educators with the Source School of Tantra Yoga. The curriculum is greatly informed by SSTY. However, they both draw on their considerable experience as Body-Psycho therapists with methods such as Internal Family Systems; Hypnosis; Rubenfeld Synergy Method; Trauma Work; Tai Chi; Chi Gung; EMDR; Holistic Neurology Energy Healing; Mind Power meditations; REIKI; Energy Practices and many others.

We look forward to meeting you all and be students of Tantra together

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Introduction to Tantric approach to sexuality - educational date night!


Would you like to spend some quality time with your partner while learning how to enhance your intimacy and sex?

Tantric tools for conscious connection can open doors to exciting discoveries, and long-lasting transformations in your intimate life, no matter if you have been married for a long time, or just started dating.

We invite you to spend fun, relaxing evening filled with discussions, meditations, guided activities, and meaningful communication games while learning how to be more conscious, connected, and present to your partner.

*All activities are clothes-on, and always optional. This means that you are encouraged to exercise your choices and honor your boundaries on how and if you'd like to participate in each.


In person.

Open to all genders and sexual orientations

Open for couples.*

*To attend as an individual, you will need to find a practice buddy (and register together) or to sign up to our waiting list. To inquire about participating as a single please contact Zhanna at: [masked]


"This year one of my biggest targets is to continue to deepen the spiritual connection with my wife. Your workshop was very much the pathway to achieving that target. Last night was a massive breakthrough not only in what I want in my marriage, but what I've been hunting for my entire life. What we've learned enabled us to start refreshing the connection we have to each other in a whole new way! "

"I am very excited about the potential that Tantra brought for both me, and my wife! The exercises that you taught us have been energizing and have created a stronger connection between us!"

"Working with Zhanna opened up new possibilities and ways of connecting that I never knew were possible!!! I recommend this for happy, satisfied couples as well as new couples!!"​


$70 (per couple or couple of friends) BEFORE FEBRUARY 1st

$90 (per couple or couple of friends) AFTER FEBRUARY1st

*The space is limited to 10 couples

*Tickets are non-refundable. If you book a ticket and can't make it, you are welcome to find someone to take your spot.

This event has been sold out last two times.


Everyone has to be vaccinated for this event.

Please email me the proof of your vaccination prior to the event at [masked]

Masks are optional.


Zhanna R Lee is a Certified Tantra Educator and Holistic Intimacy Coach. She works with singles and couples in the area of intimacy and sex using modalities including Tantra, Reiki, sensate focus, WOC®. You can learn more about her here:



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We are in the same building as Watch City Kitchens. Parking is on the right side of the building.


Best Self Studio is a unique place that unites individuals who want to connect and grow with like-minded people. Our events, workshops and classes are designed to expand people's potential and give new perspectives in life.

Our work is based on such things as:- self-love and self-acceptance- conscious dating and relationships- positive energy and abundance- healthy lifestyle- healing arts

Join us!


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