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This meetup has been established for South Asian Ismailis who are down-to-earth, warm, friendly and live in Toronto, ON (Canada) so they can attend meetup events.

It aims to enable single, South Asian Ismailis (35+) (i.e. originally from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan) who are looking for a suitable life partner to have a chance to meet and connect with one another..in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.

Too often professionals are so busy in their daily lives, they have little time to slow down, socialize and find their ideal soul mate.. In North America, this is especially difficult, as Ismailis are spread out so far and wide. If you are now serious in making a commitment to the one you seek, this group is for you..

A number of events will be organized each month based on Members’ interests...This can include Movies, Coffee Meetups, Dining Out, Dancing, Theatre, Jazz Events, Book Discussions, Daytrips, Sports activities, Special Events around the City and more..

In addition, a Potluck will be regularly held to enable members to mingle and help those joining for the first time to feel especially welcome. This group is for adults who are spiritually and socially conscious, friendly, courteous, inclusive, practice pluralism and believe in being kind to everyone they meet.

This group is well-suited for Professionals who have worked hard and have learned to find a balance in their lives..between the worldy and the spiritual, and who strongly adhere to the principles of the Ismaili faith, but are open-minded and tolerant of all faiths..and acknowledge the basic principles shared by all.

It would not be uncommon to find members who hold values such as generosity, kindness, compassion, brotherhood/sisterhood and service close to their hearts. Members will likely value family, friends, and community and are interested in giving their time and knowledge in doing service to help the lives of others..

Please Join Us if you speak and/or understand Urdu or Hindi…and you have a deep, POSITIVE regard for the South Asian culture.

Ya Ali Madad :-)

To help you on your journey as you seek your soulmate, we would like to recommend a book by Dr. Barbara de Angelis called Are you the One for Me? (http://www.barbaradeangelis.com/cart/itemlist.asp?catcode=30) and the compatibility list (http://www.lots-of-dating-advice.com/who-is-my-soulmate.html) discussed in the book. It helps to demystify love and attraction. Check out the link on Five Love Languages (http://www.lots-of-dating-advice.com/5-love-languages.html) too..it can be very insightful..

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