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Welcome South Bay tennis aficionados! We love tennis! We hope that’s why you’re here! Our goal is to have competitive fun, while improving our game. We play mostly in Hermosa Beach/Redondo Beach and hope to see you out on the courts!

To help everyone have a better tennis experience, we have a few ground rules.

-Profile Picture

All members should have a clear photo so we can identify you. This is required.


1. Introduce yourself if you have not already met other members
2. Play ratings/levels are important as we want all members to have a fun tennis playing experience that matches to their level of play for each meetup day. If you need assistance with your rating, the organizer/host will be happy to let you know.
3. Allow time for warm up. This does not mean hit the ball as hard as you can nor does it mean match play.
4. We play by the honor system so call shots to the best of your ability. If it's questionable or close, replay the point.
5. Have a good attitude on the court and respect all players/members. You will have bad days, it's ok, it's just a game. You are here to have fun with fellow members


For any given meetup, the Event Host sets a limit for number of attendees. Members RSVP “yes” to a meetup they are attending. This guarantees the member a spot to attend and play. If you are not on the attending list, please do not just show up. If the meetup is full, then members are added to a waitlist. If an RSVP is changed from “yes” to “no”, then the first person on the waitlist is added to the attending list.

What is considered a No Show:

1. If a member RSVPs “yes” and does not attend.

2. RSVP's changed to "no" in less than 5 hours prior to start time.

After 2 No Shows – You are given a warning.

After 3 No Shows – You are given a 2 month break.

*** Please be respectful of other players. If you RSVP, attend, if not, give ample notification by un-RSVPing early so that players who move up can make arrangements to play ***

***Also, please dedicate at least 2 hours of play per meetup. If you cannot meet this requirement, please RSVP when you can make the commitment***

-Tennis Rating or Playing Level (NTRP)

Our meetup is geared more towards intermediate players with USTA ratings over 3.0. Please respect the level of play against meetups. The NTRP or player rating helps you identify what type of player you are. If you have played USTA or competitive, you are well aware of this. If not, please review the playing levels and assess yourself to help us give everyone a better playing experience. If you are unsure, ask the organizer or a host.

Click Link -> NTRP Self Rating (https://www.usta.com/content/dam/usta/pdfs/NTRP%20General%20Characteristics.pdf)

-New Can of Tennis Balls

Every member should always bring a new can of tennis balls to every meetup they attend. It is ok to practice and hit with older tennis balls but if you’re playing matches, please be respectful and bring a new can. They’re available at your nearest Target.

-Respect the courts

Most of the courts where we play are public. They are for everyone's use. So please be mindful after you’re done to clean up and throw away any unwanted balls or trash. If possible, wear shoes with non-marking out-soles.


Solicitation for personal or business purposes is not allowed without the organizers' consent. If it is found that a member posts/solicits/emails without getting prior approval, we reserve the right to remove that individual from the meetup. Examples include but are not limited to, recruiting for the purpose of joining their own meetup, selling vacation packages, selling/promoting tennis lessons, etc.


We are currently supported by a few of our members but need help from additional members. The “Bronze*” identifies the members that have contributed $5+, "Silver* for donations over $20+, "Gold* for $40+, toward covering the meetup.com fee. Our goal is to keep this meetup going throughout 2020 and on. Suggested donation is $10/year, but any amount would be appreciated.

If you would like to donate, please see an organizer at a Meetup event or you can go through Paypal here:

South Bay Beach Cities Tennis Meetup Paypal Donations (https://paypal.me/pools/c/800uqyznp5)

- Inactivity

If any member is inactive for a period of longer than a few months, you maybe be removed from the group. When there is time in your schedule to play, please reapply.

- Meetup Apps

Keep track of the South Bay Beach Cities Meetup group on your smartphones/tablets!

Android Users - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.meetup&hl=en
Apple iOS Users - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/meetup-groups-near-you-that/id375990038?mt=8

If we collect more than we need to cover throughout 2020, the extra amount may go toward:

Tennis Balls

Snacks and Drinks

*Tournaments – Round robins, singles, doubles, mixed doubles for prizes.

*Community Events – Supplies to clean and help maintain courts

(* denotes items that are in the works)

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