What we're about

• Are you a Software Engineer with an Intermediate to advanced background in Functional Programming?

• Are you a Scala programmer whom would like to expand your understanding of the underlying Type System and learn advanced libraries such as scalaz or shapeless?

• Are you eager to crack-open a copy of Types and Programming Languages or a text on Category Theory?

• Does imperative and/or mutable code make you nauseous?

• Perhaps you want to pick up some Haskell, Ocaml, or Idris along the way.

{ `We Are South Bay Functional Types` =>

2015 is here: and while we may not have any hover-boards or flying cars, we are a new study group in Silicon Valley with a common goal to learn more about FP, Programming Language Type Systems, and Category Theory (both theory and applications).

The plan is to meet once a month in a casual setting where we read through texts, compare notes on exercises, and write code over dinner/drinks.

Some background in functional programming, and the hunger to learn more are both highly recommended.


Upcoming events

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