Thursday gaming at Isle of Gamers

This is a past event

14 people went

Every week on Thursday

Isle of Gamers

2770 El Camino Real · Santa Clara

How to find us

Tables with a sign similar to the one in the photo...

Location image of event venue


Come and play!

There are lots of games available, such as Splendor, Ticket to Ride, One Night Werewolf, Timeline and many more! Also, feel free to bring your own games! You can come as soon as Isle of Gamers opens (4pm) although most of the people usually arrive between 6:30pm and 7pm.

We will probably be at the tables closest to the entrance or towards the middle; if you can't find us, ask for 'alf' or look for a guy in black that looks somewhat like my profile picutre ;o) It is also possible that we have a cardboard sign announcing the meetup (actually, the sign is currently on leave of absence in SoCal, we'll try to rescue it someday...) and, if I remember to bring them, name-tags on the chests of the people in our meetup... ;P

As you will know, this meetup has grown a lot lately, till the point it has been necessary to put a cap to attendance so that Isle of Gamers can comfortably accommodate all of us as well as other regular customers / meetups they host. Therefore, we would appreciate it if you timely update your RSVPs in case you sign up but cannot finally make it; we would also ask that you check-in with me (alf) when you arrive, so we can keep track of attendance. We'll try to keep the hassle to a minimum, but also want to ensure that as few spots as possible are left empty because of people signing up but not showing to the meetup while there are still people in the wait-list. UPDATE: recently there have been days when there was no room in the store for everyone (even though the new store is bigger), so it is possible that they (Isle of Gamers staff) need to start giving priority when allowing access to the tables to the people that actually signed up...

Aside from this, I might not be able to make it to every weekly meetup (I'll RSVP 'no' if so); in that case, I'm sure that Isle of Gamers staff will be able to assist you with any questions.

Finally, don't forget to spend at least $5 on yourself at some point, to support Isle of Gamers! It's all they ask in return for offering us the space and demo game library for our meetups! They have a nice offer of drinks and snacks and, of course, an awesome selection of boardgames for us geeks to spend our money on! ;D

UPDATE: feel free to propose one game each week that you want to play, and that are willing to explain/teach to new players. This can be organized in the messages section of each week's meetup. Cheers!

[from Isle of Gamers management:]

This is a regular weekly meetup to play any number of the games available in our Game Library. We are happy to teach you new games, too! Come at 7 or later, as your schedule allows.

The event is free, we just ask you to spend $5 on yourself at some point.