What we're about

Have you ever suffered a loss in your life?

If so you are not alone. There are 40 different life events that can produce the range of emotions we call grief. Unfortunately many of them are not treated as grieving events. This includes divorce, retirement, miscarriage, loss of health, moving, pet loss and many others. I started this group to provide a safe place to share our emotions and begin the recovery process.

Focus Areas

This Meetup will provide an integrated approach to grief and loss using traditional Grief Recovery Support Groups, and non-traditional spirituality-based techniques, like Reiki.

• Grief Recovery: We will leverage material developed by The Grief Recovery Institute® to teach you how to move froward after a loss with supportive and actionable guidance.

• Reiki (pronounced ray-key): We will offer this Japanese energy healing technique as a means for stress reduction and relaxation for those who are grieving. Receiving Reiki when we are grieving helps us to take better care of ourselves physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Meetup Topics Include: Grief and Loss, Grief Recovery, Reiki basics, Forgiveness, Self-Care, and many others.

Who is it for?

- Anyone who has experienced grief no matter what the cause.

- No Reiki experience is necessary.

What You Will Learn

– How you can recovery from unresolved grief

- How to address the emotional, not intellectual side of grief

- How to gain tools through a structured action plan

- How you can use Reiki to help ease the pain of grieving

– How you can harmonize the three components of grief

– How you can begin to repair your heart

– How you can let go of what is keeping you stuck

– How you can find hope through spiritual awareness

– How you can move from surviving to living again

– How you can understand your own grief more completely

If you:

- Have experienced any emotional losses

- Have a broken heart

- And want to feel better

This Meetup is for you.

By joining this group, you will be invited to upcoming classes, workshops and alumnae reunions.

All classes, workshops and gatherings are offered by Grief Reiki (https://www.grief-reiki.com)

Warmest Regards!


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