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Important RSVP rules, please read:

Softball is our most popular event so when you RSVP, you are taking a spot from someone else who wants to play. We understand that life happens and Meetup softball is definitely not the most important event in your life but please be considerate and update your RSVP no less than 24 hours prior to the event start time if something comes up. Failure to do so will be considered a "no show". You will no longer be welcomed to any events after 3 no shows.
If you bring a friend who is not on the RSVP list, you may rotate with said friend. If you RSVP for your friends (+1, +2, etc.) and they don't show up, it will count as a no show against you.

We play no more than 11-11, if you show up with no RSVP, and we have enough players, you will be asked to sit out. (If you don't believe in making someone sit out, you are welcomed to rotate with them.)

Who should come?

Come out if you enjoy a friendly game of scrimmage.
All levels are welcomed but some basic knowledge of softball is preferred. If you have never played before but are interested in trying, we are happy to give you some coaching also. (You will still need to bring your own glove.)

Who should NOT come:

We play competitive enough to make it a fun game, but the goal is to have fun.

If you argue about every play, this is not the right group for you.
If you think it is acceptable to bean the runner to 2nd when they failed to veer or get down, you are definitely NOT welcomed.
If you just want to goof around, we have room in the peanut gallery.

General Rules & FAQs:
1) Be courteous to fellow players.
2) Bases, bats, balls, (scoreboard, line up board) are provided. Please bring your own glove. Some of us are single child and don't believe in sharing. :)
3) No metal cleats, I like my bases.
4) We play coed rules:
a) safety base at 1st
b) veering line at home
c) cones in the outfield for female batters (fielders may not enter this area till a ball is in play) *NEW*
5) We will play 7 innings with 5 run max per inning (unlimited runs in 7th inning)
6) A lot of us have a favorite position, if multiple people want to play the same position, please be nice to others and rotate from inning to inning. Don't be shy to ask to rotate.
7) Please dress appropriately (i.e. sandals are not appropriate softball attire...)
8) We don't have the budget for an ump, so when a play is questionable, majority rules, regardless of what you think you saw (or what the truth is, really). Please understand that there is no instant video replay, and the outcome of the game is really not that meaningful. The main purpose of the scoreboard is to track where we are so we all get to go home at some point.
9) No strike outs, no walks. You bat till you hit, but we don't exactly have M.L.B. pitchers so please don't wait for 1000 pitches before you swing.
10) Absolutely no bat throwing.
11) Just want to come and watch? We welcome audiences, no need to RSVP. (Send me an email for location.)
12) Be courteous to fellow players.
13) Ask before you grab a bat. DO NOT throw other people's softball bats. Some cost in excess of $300.00. As the saying goes " you break it - you bought it."