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“Seeing the Unseen” with Ken Sklute, Canon Explorer of Light

Hosted by South Bay Photography

Public group


(This is a self-guided event)

The Morgan Hill Photography Club is hosting “SEEING THE UNSEEN” with Ken Sklute, Canon Explorer of Light

General Public is invited-‐

Free Admission compliments of Canon

It can be difficult to create and bring to life what your mind sees and imagines. Many of us feel creatively stifled at times and find it difficult to see beyond our line of sight. Then again at times we have a very clear image but need the inspiration, knowledge and tools to create it. It can be difficult to break the barriers needed to take us beyond our comfort zone.

Ken Sklute, a Canon Explorer of Light has had a diverse and long career in photography and continuously challenges himself to learn new techniques to create images he's imagined first. Come learn with Ken and push yourself to reach the goals in your photography you've been meaning to explore but haven't until now. Ken will teach you the tools to accomplish your goals as well as better see clearly your abilities and talents.

He will help you get closer to creating award--‐winning images. Ken will share various images, clips and step--‐by--‐step techniques used to create them. He will also show you the steps needed to create your own ideas and images. There is no fluff in this seminar! You will go home with the knowledge and creative ideas to start practicing new techniques and creating images you're excited about.

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