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Discussion Group: Reacting or Responding?
Do you tend to react automatically to things or to be able to slow down and respond? Does it depend on the situation? Would you like to be able to choose? How can we develop the ability to not just automatically react to things in our lives? Is it a good skill to develop? Is it something we can develop? How does our ability to do this affect our well-being?

Process Therapy Institute

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    We all want to be happy, right? Are you interested in learning about what we know about thriving and achieving lasting happiness? Do you like the idea of exploring and achieving your full potential as a human being? Would you like to learn how to experience flow states and become more resilient in the face of life's obstacles?

    If so, this is the right group for you! Each week Julie will lead a group discussion about a topic in positive psychology and personal development. This group is a place to learn how to thrive and also teach each other the methods that have worked for you. Positive psychology has three foundational areas of development: positive emotions, positive traits, and positive community engagement. * Positive emotions lead to a pleasant life experience. Germaine to this are things like development of contentment with your past, happiness in the here and now, and hope for your future. *Developing your positive individual traits will help you to lead a more engaged life and experience flow states (which are awesome!). To experience more of this we will explore our strengths and virtues, such as our capacity to love and be productive, and our potential to develop our full potential to be courageous, compassionate, resilient, creative, curious, in integrity, self-knowledgable, moderate, self-controlled, and wise. *Using our strengths to benefit our community and the world gives life meaning and purpose. We can develop our potential in this area by studying what meaning and purpose mean to us as individuals and how we can strive to use our strengths to improve our communities through our efforts in such areas as as social justice, personal responsibility, kindness & compassion, parenting, nurturance of others, modeling a strong work ethic, developing out leadership abilities, promoting teamwork, building purpose, and sharing tolerance.

    We look forward to meeting you and working together to discover where our potential can lead us!

    *Julie Creech, the group facilitator, is a Marriage and Family Therapist Registered Intern who specializes in positive psychology as well as working with gifted, talented, and creative teens and adults. This is not a therapy group but rather a supportive space to work together to develop ourselves and thrive. Membership in the group and attendance at any events does not constitute engagement in a therapeutic relationship or in any way imply that Juliette is acting as your therapist or has contracted a therapy relationship with you.

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