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This group is for those that are interested in seeing the world and going on an adventure - as well as taking advantage of relaxing experiences that help manage stress. It's all about balance.

If there's anywhere you've ever wanted to go, let's make it happen! For those that are interested in Astrology/Numerology and travel, Astrology/Numerology can be used to determine destinations that offer specific, positive energy for you in different locations. It's a fun way to pick amazing places to visit.

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Travel Trooper in Need
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One of our Travel Troopers has unexpectedly gotten a rare autoimmune disease called Devic's disease. She can't walk because of it, but still has to provide for her family. If anyone feels inspired to help in some way, prayers are always appreciated and I am attaching a gofundme link. https://gofundme.com/samanthatrue. The travel Troopers name is Sam. If you have any questions about Devic's disease, please leave your comments and questions here, and Sam can respond personally. Many thanks for any donation you can offer. Also, if anyone has suggestions for a fundraiser, please feel free to share. Thank you, Aleesha

Travel by Numbers
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Recently I combined my passion for numerology, helping people, and travel to use my intuitive expertise. I help guide and counsel people so that they can choose the right times and places to travel throughout the year. I believe that certain places hold specific energy and more energy than others, so certain places are better to manifest desired results. One of the best times of the year to travel is during a New Moon. The moon’s gravitational energy influences the tides of the ocean and can definitely impact your life. It’s important to work in harmony with yourself and the world around you when it comes to getting what you want out of life. If you are interested in a transformative travel experience, let us find your travel destination together.

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Release 2018's Baggage

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