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I am new to the area and looking for others who share an interest in strategy games and history, especially American and European 20th Century.

This meetup is about meeting new people, engaging your mind and having fun. I am looking for a group of gamers that love to learn, play, and teach all sorts of games. Newcomers are welcome.

Gaming is a social pursuit that can be enjoyed by all ages while promoting fun, social interaction, mental challenge with a dose of healthy competition.

NOTE: We are just getting started and have concentrated on Flames of War miniatures but be assured we play many, many different games. What would you like to play? Suggest something!

You do not need to own any games or equipment to take part--sometimes group members may bring their own games along for the group to play; this allows people to try many different games to find which ones they enjoy. Other times we will play a pre-announced scenario and everything will be provided.

We will always teach people the game. We'll also list the suggested experience level for all meetups. On occasion, we may request "experienced" gamers.

A weeknight might find us playing short and fast multi-player games boardgames. Saturdays, Sundays and the occasional day off will be longer, deeper games that require the players to develop strategies to win. (Memorial Day and Labor Day are spent at the gaming conventions in SF).

To mix it up, we’ll also play Eurogames. These are a broad class of tabletop games that generally have simple rules, short to medium playing times, high levels of player interaction, and attractive physical components. The games emphasize strategy, downplay luck and conflict, lean towards economic rather than military themes, and usually keep all the players in the game until it ends... Their rulebooks are typically four to twelve pages long and playing times are on the order of 30 to 120 minutes. These games appeal to a wide range of ages. The audience includes casual gamers, who play with family and friends, as well as more serious hobby gamers" ( (


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