What we're about

This is a Meetup for leaders who choose to lead with humanity.

We're creating a community of managers & aspiring leaders who want to feel more assured about their leadership convictions, so they can build & develop teams into high-functioning, high-performance tribes.

In our Meetups, you’ll learn something new every time, including things like:
1. Raising your profile at work as an emerging leader who delivers results
2. New ways to engage & unleash everyone on your team
3. Instill powerful alignment & cohesion between your people
4. Brilliant ways to face & resolve interpersonal conflicts
5. The mindsets & intentions that allow work to become meaningful, creative & fulfilling
6. Showing your people how to get more done and have more fun doing it.
7. Easy, no cost ways to take further action to
• Accelerate your career growth,
• Advance into roles of greater responsibility &
• Make more money

We hold the following types of events:
1. Training and educational events designed to develop skills and insights
2. Workshops where you learn by doing
3. Networking & community-building events to help you meet more peers
4. And much more.

Neuro-science shows us how to inspire & lead in ways that old-school, top-down command & control managers never did. We’ll explore simple leadership actions that promote brain-healthy “smart-climates” for that will light fires, promote achievement, build accountability & inspire gratitude.

Join our group and be part of a community of like-minded leaders & managers who share your challenges and dreams. You’ll gain practical skills for stepping up & delivering, creating a sense of common purpose and creating an environment of mutual support & encouragement.

Tony Thayer, Organizer

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