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Are bad dates really part of the dating experience? Are they the price we all pay for finding that special someone? The road to healthy romantic relationships is surely worth a few speed bumps, right? Well, the South Bay declares an emphatic "No" to these and other myths. Join us on the journey to explore the enriching alternatives marked by a romance-filled ride of true love from start to finish. Learn what strategies few are willing to accept as intuitive for approaching the dating scene. Low-calorie, great-tasting strategies that will work for you, are what we can strive for.

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To Fall into Love

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Of all the possible verbs associated with Love, falling is the one we probably most associate with Love. For emphasis even, we elaborate on the falling as “head over heels” or cartwheeling in Love. Sounds more like something that happens to you rather than something that you do or subscribe to. The closest thing to something you do that causes people to fall in Love is the 36-questions exercise developed by psychologists around 1997. (That is, of course, if you discount the use of Love potions that acts in place of Cupid’s arrow. In which case, we’d all be ordering from Amazon instead of dating. By the way, we all know that The Love Boat was pure fiction, right?) But back to falling, we normally never intend to fall, unless by accident. Perhaps tripping into Love is a more apt description, like stubbing one’s toe (or being crushed), but far less Romantic. The real kicker (pardon the pun) is we neither have the choice of who falls for us but who we fall for, current-day celebrities excluded). How cruel is that? Would you agree with me that humans have been falling in Love longer than potions/aphrodisiacs became a plot device and 36 questions replaced marriage counseling? Either way, join the fun in discussing it.

Feeding the Need to Know

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The Digital Age has given us unheard of access into the lives of others. More information about who we choose to interact with can make us feel safer. What kind of data should we be looking for? How can we be smarter with that knowledge about making dating choices? Finally, will knowing more about our dates, serve us in predicting/avoiding bad dates. This is sure to be a lively discussion you won't want to miss.

Worse than a Bad Date

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As if a bad date weren’t bad enough, what could be even worse? Also, why go there? A bad date can make us shake our heads and ask “How did I let that happen?” There might be another situation where we wind up asking the same bewildering question. If a bad date is like a train wreck, what is a train wreck in slow motion? It’s still a train wreck. We like to think that all of our relationships are different, which makes sense since the people we date can be so different. When that’s not the case and a pattern emerges, it can mean that the choices we make may not be the best for whatever reason. That could be where we look for help in avoiding mistakes. Does this sound familiar? Join the conversation where we provide details, anecdotes and perspectives.

What and who are we looking for?

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Seek and ye shall find. Sounds straightforward, right? Should we be picky? If so, how picky? How does one measure pickiness? How do we go about applying pickiness to making decisions? Do we want perfection? Do we all want the same thing? Do we really know what we even want? Lots of questions and just as many answers. You won't want to miss this event!

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Can I buy Falling in Love?

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