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Love can’t be Helped
You’ve heard the stories, right? Someone you know, knows someone who fell in Love or who found their soulmate doing such and such (you fill in the blank). You could make a list. It might not be the same as someone else’s list, but it might be close. Like any rational person, you reason “Well, I can do the same thing and get the same result.” Or, “I can do something close to that.” Even, “I can do something along the same lines, but in a novel way.” If you could hear yourself thinking, you might hear, “If I practise the (you fill in the blank), one day I’ll break the world record.” Now, you’ve been in love before obviously. When has that kind of reasoning ever helped you in Love? Be that as it may, you arrive in a new town, so you try dating. Soon, you have a new boyfriend or girlfriend and you are dating for six months or so. Then, you land a new job and guess who sits next to the desk they assign for you? Someone who blows your mind, leaves you speechless, and so on. Is this a believable scenario, albeit ironic? Is this a story that you are likely to hear? Do you believe that Love can’t be helped? Or do you believe that it can and dating is a means to Love? Join this event to find out what others say.

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Are bad dates really part of the dating experience? Are they the price we all pay for finding that special someone? The road to healthy romantic relationships is surely worth a few speed bumps, right? Well, the South Bay declares an emphatic "No" to these and other myths. Join us on the journey to explore the enriching alternatives marked by a romance-filled ride of true love from start to finish. Learn what strategies few are willing to accept as intuitive for approaching the dating scene. Low-calorie, great-tasting strategies that will work for you, are what we can strive for.

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