What we're about

Who we are:

The South Coast MA UseR Group is a place for statistical programmers of all skill levels to find community, share knowledge, and explore R on the South Coast of Massachusetts. We focus mainly on R, with the occasional deviation to talk about other open-source tools.

Our meetings are designed to meet the needs and interests of our members so our meeting structure varies from one month to the next. We invite guest speakers to showcase interesting tools in R, organize discussions on special topics, and hold skills workshops to allow our community members to learn from and practice R with other community members. If you are interested in leading one of our meetings to introduce a specific tool or topic let our organizers know (email: southcoastmausergroup@gmail.com).

New to R?

We are excited to welcome new R users into our group, all you need is a computer and an open mind. Before diving into our meetings there are a few things we think you should know:

• We were all new to R at some point, and while it may seem overwhelming at first our group is here to help R users or ALL skill levels gain skills and confidence.

• You will need access to R and RStudio to get the most out of our meetings. RStudio Cloud (https://rstudio.cloud) is an option to run R in a web browser or you can install R (https://www.r-project.org) and RStudio (https://rstudio.com/products/rstudio/) before the meeting.

Join us:

We meet on the first Thursday of each month from 4-6 PM (Eastern). For now our meetings will take place remotely via zoom (RSVP ~24 hours in advance so we can send you the meeting details), but it is our hope that we will hold meetings at locations across the South Coast once it is safe to do so. If you are interested in hosting one of these meetings at a location near you in the future contact our organizers (email: southcoastmausergroup@gmail.com).

Code of Conduct:

All participants (including attendees, speakers, sponsors and volunteers) at South Coast MA UseR events are required to agree to the R Consortium and the R Community code of conduct (https://wiki.r-consortium.org/view/R_Consortium_and_the_R_Community_Code_of_Conduct).

The code of conduct applies to all meeting activities including talks, panels, workshops, and social events. It extends to meeting-specific exchanges on social media, for instance posts tagged with the identifier of the conference (e.g. [#SouthCoastMAUseR] on Twitter), and replies to such posts.

Organizers will enforce this code throughout and expect cooperation in ensuring a safe environment for all. If you feel that someone is not acting in accordance with this code of conduct please notify the organizers (email: southcoastmausergroup@gmail.com).

Acknowledgments: Parts of this code of conduct were adapted from the version used for R conferences (https://www.r-project.org/coc.html).


We are excited to be sponsored by the R consortium's R User Group Support Program!

We are grateful for the virtual meeting support provided by the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

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