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Welcome! Please read the Welcome message on the Message Board! https://www.meetup.com/South-East-and-West-Florida-Dog-Agility/messages/boards/thread/52278517 This is a casual and social dog agility group although it has some training events given by trainers for those who want to learn the basics of agility and later compete in agility trials. It also has events and discussions for those who are already actively competing in agility. This group is for people who live in Southeast or Southwest Florida. This is not a business or a training center nor does it actively promote any one training center. (We are looking for sponsors though. You can sponsor this group by offering one free training service or dog agility activity a month to the group in exchange for the free advertising you get from being a sponsor.) Most events are free. Other events have a fee which is reasonable for the service that is offered.

The types of activities posted on the calendar include and are not limited to the following:

• Meeting for dinner once a month both in Southwest and Southeast Florida depending on your location

• Meeting at a clubhouse or other large room with a big screen TV to review and discuss training videos or videos of members who are looking for feedback

• Facebook live training events or other live webinars given by trainers that are interactive

• Meet to play or watch a very fun dog agility board game

• Workshops given by trainers at various locations in Southeast or Southwest Florida

• Fun runs and casual get togethers at members' homes (Location will only be published to members.) including trading yards with other members to have smaller group activities

Thank you, everyone so much for joining! I am looking forward to seeing you in person soon! :) In the meantime, please feel free to check out the Photos and view the albums with the agility educational resources in them. (Just so everyone knows, I don't have the app on my phone and I will not be looking at the website right before events. My computer is also off a lot on the weekends, so I don't see your posts then. Thank you.)

Side Notes: If you start or engage in conversations that are political or that are in any way highly disturbing to the members of this group at an event or on this meetup group site, then this is not the meetup group for you. IMPORTANT: If you change your mind and decide you are not going to an event, you don't need to announce it to the group unless you want to, but please change your "yes" RSVP to "Not Going." I will not be going in and changing this all the time, because you said you were not going and when you don't change your RSVP, others will miss out on the opportunity to go to the event. If this happens repeatedly, I will need to remove you from the group. Thank you.

Upcoming events (2)

Dog Agility Board Game


This is a very fun game! The dogs are a Golden Retriever and a Jack Russell! It only allows two players, but this is another great get acquainted event for people who know nothing or people who know a lot about dog agility! :)

Get Acquainted Dinner for Southwest Florida Area

MidiCi The Neapolitan Pizza Company

Let's get together for dinner and talk about our future plans for this group. Thank you. :)

Past events (4)

Indoor Dog Agility Trial in Arcadia

Turner Agri Civic Center

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