Integrated Agile


Agile mixed with Waterfall exists in every product development organization globally, yet current thinking teaches us to crusade for one approach at the expense of the other - an approach that creates unnecessary resistance and alienates people with different perspectives. The question is: How can we manage the reality of a mixed-methods environment while still receiving the intended benefits of both approaches? In this talk, Brock Argue and Erkan Kadir will introduce Integrated Agile, a groundbreaking and practical approach that leverages Polarity Thinking to manage the predictable dynamics between Agile and Waterfall while maximizing the upsides of both approaches.


Brock Argue specializes in taking an organizational approach to agility – recognizing that all aspects of the business benefit from the application of agile values and principles. Drawing from many different disciplines, his style of facilitation creates an environment in which high-performing organizations can emerge. He is focused on improving organizational agility through cultural change and is dedicated to growing his connections within the Agile community.

As a Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC)℠ through the Scrum Alliance®, Brock’s previous work includes agile transformations at Digital Oilfield, ADP and Benevity, Inc. Based in Calgary, AB, he is currently coaching organizations and individuals seeking to grow in their agility as the co-founder and coach of Superheroes Academy (

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