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What we're all about :
A group with an interest in investigating, probing, questioning and researching the vast amount of information and evidence, old and new, concerning the land upon which we stand and call Earth, the sky, the celestial bodies....and how it all works. We are putting aside the present generally accepted assumptions and presumptions, and looking at these questions from a whole different perspective.
Flat Earth. Whether you have been researching for a while, or just intrigued by the topic, this group is for you! We are all in different places in our journey, but respect one another and welcome anyone who is questioning what they've been taught about the world around them. Please join us in some serious discussion
Open critical thinking based group regarding alternative astrology & cosmology, based on the flat earth theory, electric universe, plasma physics, and all relevant focus.
Do you question everything you see on tv and/or the news? Do you question the “history“ you’ve been told? Do you question NASA?
Are you contemplating that perhaps our earth may actually be flat? Are you realizing the globe model is not accurate to describe our physical world? Us too! Is it blowing your mind and making you wonder so many things? Would you enjoy meeting other people having similar realizations?

Let's get out there under the stars, possibly much closer than previously thought, sun moon, and stars . We don't all have to agree on exactly what the true shape of the world is, what it means or what we should do about it. But we can celebrate and support each other's burgeoning curiosity and willingness to question. And who knows what this new community might lead to, it is our flat earth after all.

We welcome the slightly curious the idea of an observable reality of level plane we all share together. We also welcome friends and family of flat earthers who do not question the globe model but are accepting of the flat earth views of their loved ones. We seek to be a community where flat earth talk is safe and not disparaged. We know this is a tender time to admit to having these ideas but also a wonderful time of realization and discovery.

All perspectives welcome, be they religious (any), pragmatic, spiritual, purely scientific, some combination thereof or something else entirely. And/or just unadulterated curiosity.

There are so many topics to discuss! Flat earth, , false paradigm of left/right political parties, fake moon landing, Mandela effect,,the list goes on!
Just looking to meet like-minded people for a healthy discussion.

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DiscoverHowTheSpiritualManifestIntoOurPhysicalFlatPlane "DivineDanceOfMagnetism"

Bring Your Questions and Insights How The Invisible {Spirit} Becomes Physical {Perceived Reality} On This "Plane"t We Call Earth. Visualizing the Magnetic Language of Natures Sacred Dance ,"Simplifying The Creation Of All Life And Matter "Beyond The Golden Ratio" Understanding And Visualizing Reciprocating Processional Hyperboloid Torus . Bring Any Flat Earth Questions . Bonus Discussion : Simplifying Nutritional Perfection , Reversing All Diseases , Having Higher Levels Of Health And Happiness .. Enjoy Some Good Food at Whole Foods Market .

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