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-It seems there are great shifts occurring right now. Change does not always feel easy. It's not always easy to feel all the things we feel or to experience all the circumstances we go through. Or go past the busy mind. At times it seems we are going through all these (metaphorically speaking) stormy winds which push us from every which direction. But just like eagles use the strong winds to propel them so they can go beyond it, we can also be like an eagle.. And ride those storms.. And find peace... The space... The bliss... Within each thing...

-Our Organizer, Naomi, has been in the allied health field for many years while working as a physical therapist. She also teaches the community baby and me classes, prenatal yoga, senior and light yoga, tai chi/Qi gong, belly dance, lymphatic drainage techniques, aqua therapy, reiki, and loves to share music and dance. One of her biggest dreams is to live in the country in an ecovillage-self sustainable-conscious community and share wellness on a sliding scale, so everyone can have a chance for healing. She loves eating natural and whole-plant based foods. Having gone thru trials and tribulations, she sees it as true blessings in disguise as it has led her to search her soul more fully. "It's a moment to moment experience, in either experiencing peace, or bringing whatever 'off feeling' inside our love, grace, compassion, acknowledgment, understanding, and kindness".

-Our mission is to continue to facilitate this meet-up to create a support system for those who are sincerely ready to go forth in the path of awakening.

- You may or may not be aware that meetup.com is not free for meetup organizers to maintain the site. We may ask for collaboration at certain meetup events and this will really help us keep this going and making it what it's meant to. Some meetups when it's appropriate or where there's extra expenses, etc we will have a suggested donation amount.

-Together we can make this meetup great. I welcome any ideas, and please feel free to email us anytime.

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Life.. Coping.. Renewing... Liberation..

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Gentle Movement and Relaxation (Free) Class

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Life.. Coping.. Renewing... Liberation..

Wholefoods (in the Community Room)

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