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Join us for a real estate advanced wealth mastery seminar and you will learn: -Meet other investors that have money to partner with you -Financial wealth secrets that accelerate your growth and returns -How to use a self directed Roth IRA to loan out money for deals -Secure advanced funding for future real estate investments Realizing tremendous rate of return with minimal investment -How to raise private capital and partner to do more deals -Use private money to purchase any type of real estate -Find out where serious investors are hiding -Profit from the Hottest Real Estate deals that are turn-key -Create predictable, automatic, dependable residual income -Protect your profits with tax-free investing strategies All this valuable information for just $37.00 and includes Lunch! Join Michael Poggi and The Millionaires Investment Group's specially selected experts who will share their proven strategies and systems with you. Register Now Contact us for more information: (954)[masked] or by e-mail at [masked] About Michael Poggi: Michael Poggi is a nationally recognized public speaker, established author, and professional investor, with nearly two decades of experience. Michael speaks on advanced wealth strategies and how to invest in Real Estate and Businesses the right way. He presents topics such as: house flipping, purchasing apartment buildings, building new construction homes, development projects, purchasing vacant lots in fast growing areas and buying businesses in your IRA or your old 401K plan. He teaches people how to make their IRA self-directed in the true sense, so you can use it for real estate. He also teaches people and mentors students on how to make their IRA cash flow monthly tax-free as well as how to invest properly. In addition, Michael is the president and founder of The Millionaires Investment Group, based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. There are 10,000 members of the Millionaires Investment Group and 2500 Active Investors. The Millionaires Investment Group holds a meeting on a monthly basis to network and partner on real estate ventures, and businesses. Michael’s company specializes in many aspects of commercial real estate, vacant land, development projects, new construction home projects and businesses. The group attracts top notch speakers from all around the country, who are featured monthly to provide additional education. Michael is often a featured guest on the Money Talk radio show. His company, Build Wealth with Land, LLC, is one of the largest land providers in the U.S., providing hundreds of vacant lots to investors and builders yearly. Michael has bought and sold over 1000 vacant lots and houses in the last 10 years, tax free.

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Michael Poggi, the group manager, is an established author, speaker and experienced real estate investor.

Michael is the president of the Millionaires Group which is a private Investment Group with 10,000 members and 2,500 active investors. The focus of the Millionaires Investment Group is to invest in all types of real estate, including:

· Vacant Land;

· New Construction;

· Apartment Buildings;

· New Developments;

· Businesses;

· Fix and Flip Information;

· Rental Properties.

The members of the Millionaires Group are private investors and lenders who are looking for a higher return on their investments (ROI) through real estate.

Private investors have availability of funds through:

· IRA;

· 401k;

· Retirement Accounts;

· Mutual Funds;

· Money Markets.

Michael also teaches investors how to get into real estate investing the right way. You will learn how to “turn key” with no time or effort of your day- it will be done for you.

Michael hosts regular meetings to educate investors about real estate investing opportunities, private money and the best real estate strategies in today’s market.

If you are:

• Beginner/New Investor

• Seasoned Investor

• Realtor

• Wholesaler

• Landlord/Landlord investing in real estate

• Rehabber/Flipper

• Mortgage Broker

• Hard Money Lender

• Property Manager

• Real Estate Professionals

• Insurance Agents

• Has or know someone that has stocks, mutual funds, 401k, Self-Directed IRA's

• Commercial Investor

• Note Buyer

• Vendor

• Anyone that services or sells a product to real estate investors

• And any one that has a real estate related business, product or service.

We welcome you to join us at one of our live local events.

The goal of the group is to help investors grow to the next level through real estate investing.

The Millionaires Investment Group

Call us at 954-306-3586 or email

Michael Poggi is an established author on amazon with books such as Build Wealth Tax Free

Don't forget to bring your business cards because you will be meeting tons of new connections!

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