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Photography Basics 101 Class


Price: $40.00 /per person

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This class is on at our new location. CHECK THE ADDRESS OF OUR NEW LOCATION.

Cost is $40.00 per class or prepaid $395.00 for 13 Classes.

"Photography Basics 101"

The class for beginners "Photography Basics 101" is a series of classes.

You do not need to know anything about photography we will teach you all the basis from the foundation up.

Please bring a notebook and pen to take notes and a 3 ring binder for handouts.

This class will be every Monday at 5:30PM

To be a great photographer you need a foundation of the basics.

In these classes learn:

About Cameras - Digital dSLR, Prosumer, Point and Shoot, and Film SLR.

Get assignments and home lessons.

1. Criteria for a top quality photographic image.

2. The top mistakes that beginners make.

3. The 8 functions you most know to use your dSLR.

4. Parts of a camera and its controls.

5. Everything you need to know about lenses.

6. Exposure Part 1 and Part 2

7. ISO

8. Speed

9. Aperture

10. Depth of Field and the 3 ways to control it.

11. Composition.

12. Hyperfocal Distance

10. Tips, Tricks & Techniques of flash photography.

11. The correct way to use a light meter

11. Basics of Portrait Lighting.

12. Posing.

13. Model Releases and Copyright.

14. The Standards and Rules of Good Photography.

15. Artistic License, when to break the rules.

16. The best bet on buying photography equipment.

17. How to make money with your camera to pay for your equipment.

18. Tips and tricks of the PROs

and much more......