What we're about

The South Florida Smart Green Group is for those who care about the environment and believe there are smart ways to live green with small changes in our way of life that result in big positive impacts on the environment. It is a place for interesting discussions with likeminded people who share similar interests far from activism or politics. A place to exchange small practical ideas but also to imagine what a new world built on Green principles would look like. We can discuss energy conservation, renewable energy, subsidies, climate change, LEED, new urbanism, hybrid and electric cars, recycling, compost, organic farming, energy storage, battery efficiency, outdoors, and innovations in photovoltaic, nano technology, heat exchange, wind and current turbines… or simply be there to listen and enjoy the company of caring individuals. It is also a place to dream about a new Valhalla with zero waste, zero emissions, and zero impact living where every community generates as much clean energy as it consumes and produces no emissions or waste.


You belong in this group if you ever wondered why the robots that assemble cars, heavy equipments and appliances are not required to disassemble them for 100% recycling at the end of their service lives? Why homes and buildings are not designed and constructed to be recyclable? Why photovoltaic (PV) panels are not designed as structural items replacing tiles? Why new tall buildings are not required to integrate wind turbines or thin PV? Why airport vast empty surfaces are not covered with PV so planes may fly on batteries? Why share bike programs successful in cold cities such as Montreal, Paris and London do not exist in Florida? Why a cross between Nissan Leaf and Golf Cart cannot be developed for a shared car program in South Florida? Why contractors bidding on local and state projects are not partially rated based on how green and energy efficient they are? Why carbon footprint and personal responsibilities toward the environment are not taught in school? Why...

Please join us if you believe in the power of small changes and would enjoy interesting conversations with South Floridians who care about the environment and love our beautiful green little planet with a sense of wonder and amazement as expressed by the Little Prince of Antoine de Saint Exupéry as he explored our little planet.

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