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Snorkeling is back!!! - The Breakers of Palm Beach

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You MUST HAVE FINS (no short little pool exercise fins) FOR THIS SNORKEL!!! - There is almost always a kick ass current at this site (though lately it hasn't been that bad).

Please read all the directions because this site is not easy to get to and there are TWO totally different ways to access it.

We will be snorkeling the remains of a old wrecked pier located at the Breakers Hotel. There is also a natural reef you can explore but all the life is really at the remains of the pier.

First the bad news. You cannot park at the Breakers hotel and access this site unless you have a room at the hotel, are a club member, or are a guest of a club member. Valet is $20.00 a car. FYI the nearest shower is a 20 minute walk south of the beach from where we will be meeting.

I've posted two different ways to get to this reef. The first is from the South which is a pain in the butt, the second is from the North which I haven't actually done but you can supposedly park for free in a few locations and then walk to the beach and walk directly down to the reef. .

Now for the good news. This site is one of the most life filled reefs I've ever seen. There are Barracuda, schools of giant tarpon, reef squid, and tons and tons of fish, eels and even the occasional octopus. While we were there a local dive boat that charges $50.00 a head dropped anchor and let it's passengers off to snorkel the site

After snorkeling, many of us usually hit ER Bradley's for lunch on the Inter-coastal.


It's a long walk to this dive site (15-20 minutes) so please think about that when you leave to join us.

PART I From South of the Breakers

Take I-95 to Okeechobee Blvd East (like you were going to City Place). Follow Okeechobee all the way to east till it ends at the ocean. Turn left. You are now at the beach. Park on the north end of the beach. Each spot is numbered and you pay at one of the parking meters by entering your spot number. You can pay with coins, or Visa, Mastercard or AMEX. IF YOU PARK ON A SIDE STREET IT COSTS LESS THAN PARKING RIGHT ON THE BEACH It's $2.00/hour on a side street $5.00/hour on the beach for a difference of about 40 feet. I recommend 3 1/2 hours ($7.00). We are starting this snorkel a little early because this is a very popular beach and parking fills up very quickly. Parking on most of the side streets is PERMIT ONLY!!! But there are 2 or 3 3 hour only free parking spots. You may want to carpool and DON'T BE LATE!!! At the beach, you are going to walk to the north end of the beach where there is a white house that juts out till it hits the water. Walk past this house to the Breakers hotel. We will meet on the beach below where the pool and the hotle intersect. This is the reef. It is about 50 ft past the end of the Breakers Hotel Beach. We will meet there.

The reef is located directly between the Breakers hotel and the Breakers Hotel Pool.


Directions: Sunset Beach is a public access beach, sunset Ave. has only street 2 hour parking, 1 hour parking and the church and paramount building have free parking as well as the Publix, I've been told you can park at the Flagler Museum on the weekends. All the roads Sunset Ave and north have beach access.

As usual, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to call or email me. 561-573-6516. Cheers, Craig

For rentals, you need to RENT the day before in the afternoon from a local shop. There are NO local shops open until 9:30 am or 10am. But most will let you rent in the afternoon and bring back the following day.