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I welcome those interested in Energy Healing, Reiki, Chakras, Spiritual Awakening, Angels, Connecting with Spirit Guides, Meditation, Reincarnation and Karma, Healing Your Life, Holistic Life Coaching, Native American Spirituality, Drumming Circle, Aura Clearing, and much more. For details, read through the upcoming Meet Ups and you can also go to my website www.rauberts.com. (http://www.rauberts.com) Meet Ups are held in my office at 1489 North Military Trail, Suite 209, West Palm Beach, 33409; it is 1/2 mile south of the intersection with Okeechobee Blvd. in West Palm Beach (not far from I 95 and the Turnpike). This group welcomes all: women, men, LGBTQ, all nationalities, ages (not suitable for children), cultures, and backgrounds. Please behave respectfully to others when attending a Meet Up.

This group is led by Rev. Pearl Rauberts, BSc Econ (London School of Economics and Political Science). I am from London, England and my first career was as an Assistant Principal at a Preparatory College. I then went back to school in the 1980s, training at the College of Psychic Studies, the National Federation of Spiritual Healing, and the White Eagle Lodge. I have 35 years of experience in body, mind, and spirit healing and of exploring Spiritual Awakening. I am the founder of Rauberts' Energy Healing Technique, a Reiki Master, Reiki Teacher & Reiki Practitioner, a Holistic Life Coach, an Ordained Minister through the Institute of Spiritual Integral Sciences, an Aura Clearing Practitioner, a Spiritual Awakening Practitioner, Meditation Teacher, and an Angel Messenger Practitioner. In addition to the Meet Ups for groups, I also offer a wide range of one and one sessions tailored to meet individual needs. As Meet up is designed for group events not private sessions, I don't post all the days and times I am available for private sessions, so just text me if you want to schedule a private session. Please contact me for details about any of the Meet Ups or any aspect of my work: you can message me through the Meet Up message system, email me at pearlrauberts@hotmail.com or text me at 561-310-6423.

Namaste, Pearl Rauberts

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Understanding Animals as Medicine Helpers class

1489 N Military Trl


Understanding Animals as Medicine Helpers class presented by Grandfather Rick McBride, mixed blood Cherokee. Prepayment of $25 required: Paypal https://paypal.me/iwt2016 or text[masked] for Zelle info.

Grandfather Rick writes: "There exists a relationship between humans and non-humans, physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. Modern humans assume they are superior to non-humans. Indigenes have never assumed this. Western science is just now beginning to understand that non-humans have the same emotions as humans. Sometimes more deeply. They also display the same caring and support as humans inside their own species, and many times beyond their species and they lack the avarice of humans.

This class will acquaint you with ways to understand animal “medicine” without books. As you build on this understanding, you may find yourself caring more deeply about all animals, even those you might now find difficult to accept. When this happens, you will naturally extend your new awareness into all of nature. So, in a very real sense, understanding animals more completely and compassionately is a doorway into your deeper connection to the Earth Mother.

We’ll expand on the word “medicine,” you will learn how to apply the medicine of an animal to your own life, we will touch briefly on differences in language, direct communication with animals, and we’ll do a participatory exercise that will help you accept all animals as valuable, intelligent and sentient beings. And we will have fun doing it. I encourage you to leave your assumptions and expectations at the door, and to open your mind to a point of view that helped so-called pre-history people thrive for over 20,000 years."

"Thank you, Grandfather Rick, for the EXCELLENT presentation that gave me a better understanding of the animal helpers and how to utilize them in my own life." L.K. WPB

"Very informative, interesting and fun! I look forward to attending more classes and workshops. I found Grandfather Rick to be engaging, accessible, and down to earth." C.A. Wellington

Rick McBride is a mixedblood Ani'yunwi'ya (Cherokee) who has practiced the Red Road ceremony for over 35 years. He was named Cante Lute (Schan-tay Lou-tuh) by the spirits through his sundance chief, which means Red Heart. He is a sundancer and has been traditionally trained and authorized to lead ceremonies, such as inipi (purification lodge), prayer with the Canunpah (Pipe), drum healing, and so forth.

Native American Drumming Circle

1489 N Military Trl

Native American Drumming Circle led by Grandfather Rick McBride on a donation basis. Text[masked] for help finding us. Please arrive promptly: it is important for everyone to be present at the opening of the circle and please note the Circle is indoors. Grandfather Rick writes: "Drumming has long been understood as a prayer when we dedicate ourselves to it. In this Circle, we honor traditional preparation, we drum with Native American style hand drums, and songs are sung in the Lakota language (no songs in English). For serious, respectful people only; once the Ceremony begins you are expected to stay to the end. Please join us. If you do not have a drum, there will be drums to loan. There is no charge for the Ceremony, but donations are accepted to support the continuation of the Circle. It is traditional for women to wear skirts, dresses or sarongs to Native American Ceremony."

Grandfather Rick McBride (Grandfather is an honorary title in Native American tradition) is mixedblood Ani'yunwi'ya (Tsalagi or Cherokee) who has walked the Red Road for over 35 years. He was named Cante Lute (Schan-tay Lou-tuh) by the spirits through his Sundance chief, which means Red Heart. He is a Sundancer and completed his 18th Sundance on the Cheyenne River Reservation in South Dakota; he has been traditionally trained and authorized to lead ceremonies, such as inipi (purification lodge), prayer with the Canunpah (Pipe), drum healing and so forth. He has been publicly teaching these ways for over 15 years now. Workshops and lectures are one way to learn from the wisdom of Indian Country. Ceremony brings this knowledge to life. Combined, teaching and ceremony render practical guidance to everyday living. And so, Rick sees his role as that of "translator" of indigenous ways so that mainstream-educated people get the full benefit of these ways. It has taken him years of dedicated interaction with many Elders, as well as his activities as a ceremonial leader to get to this place in his life. For further information, visit his website: www.mixedblood.info (http://www.mixedblood.info/)

Energy Healing 1 hour Private Session

1489 N Military Trl


Private session with Rev. Pearl Rauberts, $60 (cash or Zelle); sessions can be booked other days/times (text[masked] to schedule). Rauberts Energy Healing Technique (REHT) is a method of working with the healing energy I have been guided to develop. About 35 years ago I started working in London with spiritual healing, first at the College of Psychic Studies, then at the National Federation of Spiritual Healers, then at the White Eagle Lodge, and I now also work with Reiki. All of these use specific tools. REHT does not involve any of these tools as I simply enter a meditative state, connect to the healing energy, and ask for guidance on how best to channel the energy to meet the needs of the client at the time of the session, making each session unique. We are holistic beings and while we may manifest problems in the body, evidenced by pain or symptoms of a disease, these are often connected to thoughts and feelings and I am guided to work with the healing energy at the mental, emotional, and physical levels. My guidance comes from nonphysical beings and I receive it as visions, words, and feelings.

A session begins with a short consultation in which you discuss your healing needs. You will lie down on a table and you will feel the energy coming towards you. Talking is kept to a minimum during the healing. While it is impossible to guarantee results, most clients say they enter into a deep state of relaxation, emerge feeling very peaceful, and do show improvement. Some people come once, others often, depending on the nature of the problem, the degree of intensity, and the length of time the problem has existed. The services I offer are part of my work as an ordained minister. I do not diagnose, nor do I treat mental, physical, or emotional problems a client may have. I recommend individuals seek the advice of licensed medical professionals for mental, physical, and emotional concerns, and that they continue with currently prescribed treatment.

"Very strong energy. Pearl at her best." J.C. Royal Palm Beach

"It was truly amazing! Pearl's insight and awareness coupled with her extensive training and experience make Pearl an amazing healer." G.E. Vero Beach

"I was very impressed at how strongly I could feel the healing energy. I have had healing sessions before with other Practitioners but I can honestly say this was the strongest session of healing I have received from anyone. My pain level went down and I also felt an incredible sense of peace. I will definitely be returning for more sessions." A. L. West Palm Beach

"Wow, what an amazing session; I feel so much better; this definitely exceeded my expectations. Thank you, Pearl!" F. M. Boynton Beach

Guided Group Meditation

1489 N Military Trl


Guided Group Meditation led by Rev. Pearl Rauberts; fee $10 (Cash or Zelle). Do you want to let go of stress and feel peaceful? Meditation is the number one technique to lower your stress! Everyone welcome: beginners and those with experience. Pearl will lead a guided meditation using visual images, music and awareness of the breath. There will be silent time and then you will be guided back and grounded. Enjoy the support of the group energy and leave feeling centered.

"When I try to meditate by myself I find it hard. But every time I come to one of Pearl's meditations I go into this beautiful peaceful place in my mind and I feel so good and so calm afterward. I recommend this to everyone." L.E. West Palm Beach

"I truly enjoyed sitting with Pearl in meditation. Her voice is lilting and hypnotic. Pearl intuitively knows when to guide and when to allow creativity to flow. She skillfully guided me back to the now at the conclusion of our meditation. I look forward to the next one. Thank you, Pearl." C.S. West Palm Beach

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The Chakras and Self-Healing class

1489 N Military Trl


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