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Aura Clearing Intensive Private Session

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Pearl R.
Aura Clearing Intensive Private Session


Aura Clearing Intensive 1 & 1/2 hour private session; text Pearl at 561-310-6423 to schedule a session on another day/time. Aura Clearing is amazingly effective in releasing negative emotional energy; if not released, this kind of energy can cause health problems in the future. People with health problems often have them because of negative energy in their Aura, the energy field around their body. This energy can result from long or short term difficult situations involving trauma, anger, sadness, fear, shock, loss of a loved one, abuse, to give just a few of many possible examples. How long ago the situation occurred, or the length of time it has existed are not factors in healing it.
The effectiveness of Aura Clearing is directly dependent on the skill of the Practitioner. After discussion with you about the nature of the stuck energy, (you must be willing to discuss this with me), I use my hands to pull the negative energy from your aura (without touching you). You must be willing to want to release the old emotional wounds and work with me. Sessions are tailored to meet your specific needs as I select the appropriate approach, drawing on many years of experience, to move you through this process. Aura Clearing can heal a wide range of issues and I am passionate about its effectiveness, it normally produces positive results very quickly. Benefits you can expect:

* Improved Physical Health

* Greater Peace of Mind

* Greater Sense of Wellbeing

* Enhanced Ability to Live in the Now

* Embrace Healing

* Have a Positive Attitude

A 1 & 1/2 hour Aura Clearing intensive is $100; it is necessary for the session to be this long as we start with Pearl explaining in what way you need to participate in order to gain maximum benefit. There are very few practitioners doing Aura Clearing. Pearl has the skills, enthusiasm, knowledge, and many years of experience required in order to facilitate these sessions so that you get the maximum benefit.

"If you have never experienced an Aura Clearing - DO IT - WOW what an amazing experience. Pearl is wonderful." R.W. Boynton Beach

"An amazing session. I had felt so stuck for so long but in just one session I was able to let go of all the feelings of sadness connected to a difficult experience that I had years ago. I am very glad I came for Aura Clearing." R.E. West Palm Beach

"Pearl, thank you for my Aura Clearing yesterday. It was important to clear that baggage. It is great to work with you. Trust, integrity, and gifted. Much appreciation. Releasing and feeling great." J.M. Jupiter

“Since my Aura Clearing treatment, I feel a great shift within my being, I sat afterward and really reflected on the experience. I journaled the experience as well. I felt as if the healing continued throughout my day, as well as into the night. I can breathe more freely as if I can touch any part of my body with my breath. I truly feel lighter and feel "unstuck". This to me was and is a new beginning, a rebirth! I feel like I can continue to heal myself.” F.P. Loxahatchee
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Friday, January 14, 2022
12:45 AM
1489 N Military Trl
1489 North Military Trail · West Palm Beach, FL
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Suite 209, 2nd floor (elevator available); use main door on north side (door on south side exit only)

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